This is a very nice casino site! - Great Design and Good Security
- Instant Action ( Withdraw , Deposit )
- Minimum to play is 0.01$
- Using : LR, PM , WM ,...
- Over 20 games of many types to play , and really easy to win
- Highly recommended: Roulette (I start with just 10$ and win about 70$ in 2 hours , the chance is about 90%)
- Especially, there are many program attractive rewards
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TIP & Tricks :



Today I have been a secret life as you share this wealth transfer now trades for you.
children it website:
You follow this link to sign up supporters who share tip:)
On key issues:

evidence of money from it.
30 minutes $ 1 if you have patience.

START (TYPE hazard)
register here:
complete your registration click on the "casino games" on the left corner.

pull down select games: Roulette
won here for the tip, then choose your test:
Classic Roulette Play for Fun
Click on Play for fun to test ($ 500 test station Tet)
Click to create a room and play.
When the games you do not put anything. near balance spin button (bottom right corner) for it back.
leave it back there until three consecutive identical colors
If the 3 consecutive black or 3 red, then put
Example: If the 3 consecutive red . Place $ 1 in hand and turned black ($ 500, but to port games)
70% win rate.)
-If you miss x2 set up ie put $ 2 on black and continue to return, 90% win rate
-If you miss that is expensive to set x4 $ 4 on black and continue the rate of 99%.
-If you miss setting up x8 which is set to black and back $ 8
-If you win and then not put anything back until the third consecutive black or 3 red again
Then, as initially set

Similarly for black is red book

Watch out for the little capital.
should only be set from 0.02 to 0.05 and wait for the right third consecutive color set.
tested and certified by the above amount.
I do not wrong formula is responsible.
ref, then you do eat is superior only 1.5% from the amount you lose from (0.05 to 0.1, the food festival =.=)

Please end

THANK YOU .......