First, let me say that I really do not I have a problem with spending three days and more in Philadelphia. I love the city and be here in a hotel is a much better alternative of being stranded at the airport trying to leave the city cheap authentic nfl jerseys

So what I'm about to say, write, talk about, is not a woe is me story of an angry sports writer. In a twisted way, actually, which was in some sort of pleasure. (If you buy a Dave "The Hammer" Schultz Flyers back T-shirt today really made me feel better.) youth nfl jerseys

But with all that said, held the events over the last two days should not be repeated in the NFL. League must realize that it makes a very unhealthy precedent set when the game Sunday night between the Vikings and the Eagles, and will take into account that should have been from the beginning a lot more about why the game has been moved to Tuesday instead of Monday evening nfl jerseys wholesaler . (Suffice it to say that it was motivated by the need not to be playing head-to-head Monday night for television. People are not stupid.)

The decision to postpone the match came early yesterday morning with projections that up to 20 inches of snow in Philadelphia and winds reach up to 40 miles per hour nfl throwback jerseys . When it was announced there was no accumulation in soil. On Monday morning the snow had ended and it was reported that just over 12 inches fell at the airport. In Minnesota this year, asked a 12-inch dressing.

As we headed toward the center of Philadelphia on a sunny day appears to be no more than 4 or 5 inches of snow in the streets while the wind howled that it was no surprise, given that c is almost January michael vick jerseys . The NFL will argue that he acted in the best interest of their fans by postponing the game and expect the worst, but the league is now faced with the question of how to determine what is dangerous?