I start by saying that it's not easy to win money in OLBG, at least I don't find it easy
but with some luck i already won 30

OLBG is a totally free betting site where we make bets with virtual money and can win prizes in real money
every month everyone starts with virtual 1000 plus 100 added per day,with that virtual money we make bets in any sports that we want
football ,horse racing ,tenis, golf ,rugby and others

we can be bet a maximum of 500 and a minimum of 50 per bet
when we make a bet and win we make virtual profit, that virtual profit is added to our virtual money to spend in more bets

we win real money if we finish the month in a top position of one of the rankings
our position in the rankings depends how much virtual profit we make
at the top of a ranking we can see the requirement to win a prize

some rankings give more prizes than others ,you can check them here

olbg gives around 4000 in prizes every month
payments are made by paypal or moneybookers,cashout is 5

olbg also pays 1 for every referral ,but the referral has to be active for a period of 6-8 weeks

after login click members area - my tips in this page we have everything we need

then where it says Make tips click in the football league or sport and make the bets you want

we can see how much virtual money we have where it says Virtual bank

where it says Rank we can see which position we are in the rankings

good bets and good luck ;D

my payment proofs