Read the Article below to Learn How to Calculate CashOut Offers for Pre-Match and Inplay and Auto Cashout Policy Explained.

During pre-match games the amount of CashOut is calculated as follows : the initial odds, with which the bet was placed, is divided by the odds which was available

while clicking on the CashOut button, multiplied by the 95 percent of the bet amount.

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For Example; the “Player” with Any Bookie has placed a 1000 Naira bet on the match “Arsenal” VS “Liverpool” on the “Arsenal” Outcome. While placing the bet, the odds for “Arsenal” victory was 2.10. When the odds decrease and reach 1.65, the “Player” decides to use the CashOut feature. In this case the amount of CashOut will be calculated 2.01/1.95*1000*0.95 = 1157.27NGN.

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Note! During live events the amount of CashOut is calculated with the same formula, however instead of
0.95 odds of CashOut a special formula works, which represents a dynamically changing feature which
depends on two parameters as Follows:

1. The numerical value of the odds at the moment of pressing the Cashout Button

2. The number of not counted events (in case of multiple bets).

In case of multiple bets, if one or several of the events are considered incomplete , they don’t participate in the process of CashOut calculation, if they were considered incomplete before using the CashOut feature.

Remember; Before pressing on the Cashout feature button the “Player” sees the amount of funds offered by the “Bookie of Chioce”.

Partial CashOut

Partial CashOut is a CashOut version that is calculated by the same formula, as in case of the ordinary CashOut (Live and Pre-match games).

In case of partial CashOut the placed bet is completely cashed out. A part of the sum, decided by the “Player” is added to their personal gaming account, and the other part is automatically placed as a bet on the outcome of the same event with the odds offered by your Bookie on the moment of using the CashOut feature.

The Player can see the money flow in the personal gaming account’s “history” section.

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Auto CashOut

Auto CashOut is another CashOut version of the CashOut Policy that is first Offered By Bookie Betfarm Nigeria. At Betfarm Nigeria, The “Player” can use the auto CashOut feature after placing a bet on an event outcome.

N/B; Auto CashOut calculation is done the same way as the CashOut.

The “Player” sets a certain limit for the funds and if the Bet’s CashOut amount exceeds the limit set by the “Player” as a result of the odds changed by the Bookie system , the system automatically makes an Auto CashOut. The given amount is added to the “Player’s” personal gaming account.
In case of Auto CashOut the mentioned funds cannot be more than the prize of the given bet outcome.

After placing the bet, the “Player” can chose the Auto CashOut feature in the “History” section of the personal gaming account and sets a certain amount of funds. If the set amount is exceeded, CashOut is carried out.

N/B; At Betfarm Nigeria, the Auto CashOut feature is valid for single and multiple bets.

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