What is the most important skill to have in football?

Decision Making.

Whether on the ball, when to shoot, pass, dribble… etc, or off the ball, which is basically the same thing as off-the-ball movement and positioning.

Having a great football IQ and being a great decision maker makes every skill you have and everything you do much more effective.
Being a bad decision maker, on the other hand, just makes any skill you have, no matter how good at it you’re, of little to no use.

I always said that, out of their long lists of skills, Ronaldo’s main strength is his off-the-ball work (/decision making) and that Messi’s main strength is his (on-the-ball) decision making, and I think there is no better argument for this skill being the most important than it being the main strength of the two greatest players of the century.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-mo...ve-in-football

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