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    Default What you don't know about planetofbets!!!!!


    Dear support; Thanks for checking out on this post... most punters dont

    have much information about planetofbets ; the number one sportsbook

    that accepts ecurency with the best major markets in sportsbetting.
    Thats why i have compiled this article so that you can know more

    about planetofbets and also take full advantage of their offer.
    Take a look at their website; join now and keep reading;

    Planetofbets is owned by company Ruby Rain Enterprise Ltd.
    Company Ruby Rain Enterprise Ltd
    . is registered in BVI according to

    the laws of BVI. Ruby Rain Enterprise Ltd. is one of the leaders of

    online bookmaker market and planetofbets is one of their latest

    products. To suit perfectly into the sportsbetting market; planetofbets is

    permanentely updating its technology
    , increasing the quality of its

    service and offering more games and payment options.

    We accept payments and we payout money fast using the most popular

    online payment systems.

    Recently; Planetofbets has added another product to their huge

    markets; which is the "CASINO GAMES". The CASINO GAMES available

    with planetofbets include;

    1. Roulette.

    2. Blackjack.

    3. Baccarat.

    To Play the Casino Games with Planetofbets; Join here and login with

    your username and password. Then click the casino button in the

    members area and then select the game from the lobby.

    In games section there is an icon (i) (information) by clicking on it you

    can read the Terms and condition of betting in this game, and learn

    features of each game. The Casino Section is Always available in three

    tables: Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat
    . All you need to do select the

    game of your choice from the table and catch your funds while the

    dollars roll into your account.

    In case you are new to this opportunity; let me quickly tell you more

    about betting; Betting is simply a gamble with stakes.

    You must have notice that Every day in the world there is a lot of

    sport meetings and many sports games is played; so betting companies

    like planetofbets
    offer to bet money on results of many sports events.

    In the case that you win, you will receive your profit according to

    coeficients that were established with the markets of the game on the

    website. For example,

    if you bet ten dollars ($10) on winning of some team with coeficient

    say 2.00 then you will receive twenty dollar ($20) on your account if

    the team win, and you can withdraw this money immediately using

    any of their numerous withdrawal options like; Webmoney;

    perfectmoney, egopay etc.

    Note that;

    "The Company" bookmaker a product of Ruby Rain

    Enterprise, Ltd. with registration number 1551859 which is

    registered at the address Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive, P.O.Box

    3469, Road Town, Tortola, BVI.

    In days from today; i will bring more updates and information that

    will intrest you more to stick firmly to planetofbets and enjoy their


    Join planetofbets here and get more offers than you think

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    Dear punters i hope you liked my previous post above; please try and read through definitions and the terms of planetofbets below;

    First join planetofbets here and enjoy better betting

    1.1. "The Company" – bookmaker represented by Ruby Rain Enterprise, Ltd. (registration number 1551859) which is registered at the address Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive, P.O.Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola, BVI.

    1.2. "The Client" – It is the player who registered on the site of the Company. You can join here.

    Their offer
    2.1 The Company offers services in the placement and maintenance of sports events betting for real money.

    Their General provisions
    3.1. Relations of the Company and the Client shall be subject to the applicable legislation of BVI. The place of performance of all obligations on the betting shall be BVI. All disputes arising under betting or in connection with the betting shall be considered in the court of BVI.

    3.2. In case of access to the account and implementation any operation with betting or funds in the account the Client accepts these Terms and Conditions and agrees to follow them at all time the activity of his gaming account. The Client is obliged to view these Terms and conditions for changes at least once a month.

    3.3. The Company reserves the right to make changes in these Terms and conditions in any time without any consent and notification of the players.

    Their Liability
    4.1. The Company declares that betting placement can be restricted or prohibited by law of the country of residence. These restrictions are valid even if the permits (licenses) to conduct gambling and betting activities. Therefore the Client must take note that if the betting is prohibited or allowed with restrictions not specified in these Terms and Conditions all liability for any damages incurred as a result of this shall be solely on the Client. The Company shall not be liable for damages suffered by the Client in connection with violation of the relevant legislative prohibitions in his country.

    4.2. By placing bets the Client confirms that he has reached the age of majority and has full legal capacity to enter into an agreement with the Company. Breach of this term will entail the closure of the account or using other necessary measures.

    4.3. The Company shall not be liable for damages suffered by the Client because of improper using of the account as well as in the case loss of the control over the account and using of the account by third parties.

    4.4. Claims of the Clients to the Company or its authorized representatives about incurred losses (in particular, due to malfunction of the system, defects, delays, errors or manipulation of data) are not allowed except the claims relating to deliberate acts or gross negligence. In addition, the Company's liability can’t exceed the rate, the rate amount or prize to be paid, depending which the amount is higher.

    4.5. If the Client loses 5 000 Euro within four weeks the Company is entitled to assume measures to protect the Client from further losses.

    More About The Membership with Planetofbets

    5.1. To participate in the offer of the Company you need register as the Client. In the registration process you are obliged to fill the registration application completely and correctly.

    5.2. The Company reserves the right to block access to the account for the clients who have provided the Company with false information during registration and to refuse these clients in the payment of winnings and withdrawal of funds. The Company at its discretion may request the Client’s official document (with the photo) identifying his or her personality (copies of the passport’s pages, driving license).

    5.3. After successful registration the account will be created. All bets and winnings will be passed through this account.

    The General provisions

    6.1.1. Each Client can have one account only. Registered clients are prohibited to make new registration with using new registration information or new email address. The Client is entitled to re-register under his own data but choosing a currency different from the currency of an existing account. In case of violation of this clause the Company reserves the right to suspend activity of the accounts, cancel all bets of the Client and refuse to pay funds.

    6.1.2. If there is suspicion of fraud as well as in violation of these Terms and Conditions the Company has the right to refuse service account. Any criminal or suspicious activities may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

    6.1.3. In case of failure to maintain the account the Company returns funds available in the account after deduction the processing fees of 10% but on the understanding that the funds in the account was received legally and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

    6.1.4. Referral links accounts belonging to one Client - is prohibited. This accounts will be permanently block, without compensation payments.

    6.2 Access to the account
    6.2.1 Identification of the Client on the Company’s website and access to the account is realized though using of registration data (login and password). Login and password chosen by the Client during registration on the website.

    6.2.2 The Client is responsible for keeping of the registration data before third parties and is not entitled to assign the access to the account to third parties for playing on his behalf. Any actions made with using of the Client’s registration data (login and password) are considered as made by the Client. The Client is not entitled to require the Company to cancel finance transaction on his account if these transactions were made with using of the Client’s registration data.

    6.2.3. If the Client does not stake and make any finance transaction on the account during 6 (six) months this account will be deactivated.

    6.2.4. If the balance reaches zero and the account is not active during 12 (twelve) months the Company is entitled to close the account without any notification of the Client.

    The complaints about the account
    6.3.1 The complaints about account statements and account balances can be sent within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of the corresponding statement publication on the Company's website. The complaints can be sent via e-mail or internal mail of the appropriate department. If the complaint is not made within this term, it is considered that the Client agrees to the specified account balance. The Company is entitled not to consider the complaints received after the deadline.

    The Deposits
    6.4.1 The availability of the payment method varies by country and currency chosen upon registration. When making the deposit the payment systems take the fee. The Company does not take fee in such cases.

    6.4.2 Purse of any payment system or a phone number will be fixed to the Client from the time of the next deposit and can only be used by this Client on all their accounts established in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

    6.4.3 It’s automerchant for a few payment systems. Replenishment is automatically in this case. If replenishment is carried out manually the process will take up about 72 (seventy two) hours business days.

    6.4.4 Each Client is entitled to see the current restrictions on deposit in his account. The Company reserves the right to inspect and, if necessary, change these limits at any time. Deposit limit will be increased by the amount of payments made in the previous thirty (30) calendar days. The Client may agree with the Company the deposit limit which will be more standard. However in this case the Company reserves the right to reduce the amount till to the standard amount in any time.

    6.4.5 The Company reserves the right to take the fee for transactions processing and also as well as to change the fee upward or downward. The fee for the transaction processing shall be taken from the Client’s account during the processing.

    6.4.6 In case of violation (because of technical problems) entering of the payment on the Client’s account the Client may notify the Company about this fact and provide the Company’s relevant department of technical support with the necessary information (date and time of the payment, the payment system, the account and exact amount)the via the internal mail of the game account . If necessary Company is entitled to request documentary evidence of the transaction.

    6.4.7 The payment by SMS shall be made through the company "A1 Agregator" ( All disputable situations about processing of these payments shall be resolved by the Client with the company "A1 Agregator" on the site

    6.4.8 If the Client pays deposits by SMS the Client receives bonus of 50% of the amount received to the account for the compensation of the operator and the company "A1 Agregator". This bonus must be used for the bets on any event. The Company is entitled to change the size of the bonus in its sole discretion.

    6.4.9 There is a limit for the payments made by using of SMS to short numbers. If the Client reached the limit he will be informed about in response SMS. Restrictions are imposed on the average rate of 10 SMS per hour or 50 messages a day from one phone number.

    6.4.10 For by replenishment by using SMS the Client is entitled to use not more than four numbers which belong to him. If the limit is exceeded the actions of the Client will be recognized as suspicious and it will be used sanctions to this Client.


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    I read, very good info, thanks

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