When making winning selections there are two different methods you can use. The methods are follows;

1. Using working Systems

Systems are formed by analysing historic data and seeing which are the common factors that run through the winners and losers of each type of race. By doing so, you can look back over time and see whether betting certain types of horses would have made you a profit or loss, and then use that information to bet / lay horses that fit that criteria in the future.

Systems can be very time consuming to construct as in order to be good, they need to have a fair sized history to check against, which involves a lot of data entry into something like an Excel spreadsheet. Alternatively there are various software packages that are available to purchase that already contain many variable factors, which you can then select to see what impact they have on a system.

Obviously the factors that are used are the key and that is where having a good knowledge of horse racing will help you know which things influence a horses performance the most.
On the internet you will find many sites that offer horse racing ratings, some are free, and some you have to pay for. In our experience, you get what you pay for, the subscription sites are able to charge as they significantly better than the free ones. Check the historic results of the sites to see if they are any good. If they are good, they will publish all of their historic results.

Once you have a good system, they can be very lucrative and a lot less time consuming to compile your selections each day. The downside is that systems are normally rigid and all of your selections should be bet each day otherwise the previous historic returns that you are hoping to see again could be missed.

For example, you create a system that has a 40% strike rate (that is an average of 4 winners out of every 10) and one Saturday there is 10 selections all fitting your systems criteria. If you only bet 5 of the 10 selections you are running a risk that the 4 winning horses you are hoping to see, are amongst the 5 horses you don't bet, in which case the system will fail very quickly. Remember winners can also arrive in any order - none for 20 races and then 12 on the trot for example.
Lastly, don't be put off by having to subscribe to ratings services. The best ones are not usually free, but will easily earn you the subscription costs each month by helping you make better selections.

2. Reading Form of the Team

The other, more traditional, way of choosing your selections is to analyse the previous form of each of the horses in the race. In this way, you are paying a lot of attention to each horse looking for advantages that will help the horse to win. This method is more time consuming on a daily basis than the system method.
You can of course combine systems and form - the historic results of the system would no longer be an indication of what you could hope for going forward, but you would have the system selections as a starting point before examining each one closer looking for the best selections.
The beauty of betting in this way is that it reduced the time taken for the initial selection process by using the system selections, but if you don't like a particular race, you just leave it out as you are not following a rigid system.

Congratulations; now you have learned the right way to make winning selections; then you can get started.