The reality is, all what most policeman get for their jobs is their salaries – only their salaries.

What those police officers use in the office – plus all office equipment and accessories are bought by their own monies. Therefore, when they’re transferred, they carry their office equipment along with them.

Unless EFCC police, who’re well taken care of, most other policemen get nothing apart from their salaries. It may be said that allocations are made for other expenses that may be incurred in doing their jobs, e.g., investigation. But the reality is, the money doesn’t often get to where it’s really needed.

The truth is this: You take a case to the police, and some officers are assigned to do investigation, take actions, do some things that cost money in your interest, etc. Do you now expect them to spend their salaries (which are not even enough for them) for your case?

No governments have made any provisions for the expenses of your case, and as a result of that, if you’re police officer, can you use part of your salary to cater for the costs of a case that a complainant has brought to you?

Please answer this question for yourself.

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