I think I get rejected every day.

I got rejected yesterday. I’m not ready to say what it was about but it was something important to me.

I got rejected the day before. Someone I really admired didn’t want to go on my podcast.

I got rejected the day before that. I was doing stand-up comedy and I didn’t get as many laughs as I would’ve liked.

I got rejected the day before that. I wanted my daughter to go with me to Paris and she said, “no” because of school work.

I got rejected the day before that.

I’m not sure what happened to me. Because I still get disappointed after a rejection.

But I know that after a rejection I can ask “why” and I can improve.

After a rejection I can figure out if there’s a “backdoor” that can still get through to the people who say “you can’t”.

After a rejection I can ask experts and mentors (or read about them) and learn from their successes.

After a rejection I can take a walk and look at the beautiful rooftops with gargoyles and gardens and the intimate secret etchings of architects and take a deep breath and appreciate the moments we are allowed to breathe.

After a rejection I can come up with 10 more ideas of ideas I want to work on and use the experiences of failure to become a better person, to have a better chance at success, to work with better people who will contribute to my success (and I to theirs) and to increase my odds of doing what I love.

I say to myself, “If only she had said ‘yes’ yesterday to this project I really wanted. My life would be different!”

I could say that yesterday and still feel the sting. But in a day or two that sting will be over.

And I will be “on to the next one” as Jay-Z says. A billionaire rapper rejected more than anyone.

It’s a 100 to 1 ratio John McGinley told me.

“My dad would ask us, ‘what did you fail at this week?’”, billionaire Sara Blakely told me about her Friday night dinners growing up.

When Richard Branson’s flight to Puerto Rico was cancelled one time when he was 27 years old he created an entire airline as a result of that rejection.

When “50 Shades of Grey” was rejected by every publisher, EL James self-published it first (finding the backdoor), then after selling 250,000 copies she was traditionally published and now has sold 40 million copies.

When Barack Obama was told to “wait his turn” by every establishment figure he admired in 2008, he had the audacity to hope and became president.

When Mike Massimino, the astronaut who fixed the Hubble Telescope, failed the test (for the fifth time) to join NASA “because of his eyesight”, he did eye exercises for a year to actually get his eyesight to 20–20.

The above people are lucky.

The above people are curious.

The above people are arrogant.

The above people ask “What if…?”

The above people learn from their mistakes and don’t blame others.

The above people learn new skills to enhance their old skills.

The above people don’t listen to what society tells them they should do.

The above people are threats to the establishment, to their friends, and to the most toxic people of all – their frenemies.

The above people over prepare and make sure their needs fit the agendas of the people they are asking from.

I’ve been rejected a million times. And it’s never pleasant. And I always want to give up. And I’m often depressed. And I’m often lonely.

But I’m free.

Source: https://jamesaltucher.com/2018/10/ho...ejection&r=ATC

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