How can you tell if someone is jealous of you?Youíll find it easy to spot an envious person after reading this.All of us have some type of envy in our life. Itís normal. Itís okay as long as youíre aware of it and correct it.But there are people who envy more than others.Envy is when the person is using you as a measuring stick for how good they feel about themselves.Whenever someone feels like they're higher up than you, they gauge you by how well they're doing compared to you in various areas of your life.These people can feel good when you're down low, when you're not doing so good, when you don't bring your a-game, when you're feeling bad, when you're feeling needy, empty, lonely.These people who feel higher than you may come around and be more attentive to you and start doing good when you are down low.But, as soon as youíre getting better, get a new job, make more money, find a new great relationship, in any area spiritually, physically, emotionally. If you start to excel outside of that little box that you were in before, then that person may begin to pull away. They may begin to to do things that they normally did not do before - give you the silent treatment, withdraw, be more unavailable, not answering your phone calls, not returning your emails,Ö They wonít be there for you when you make a party because you found a new job, they wonít answer your call to hear how happy you are with your new love relationship.> When a person is not happy for you, when you do good, they are envious.> When a person start to pull away, when you do good, they are envious.> When a person start to make (subtly or not) negative remarks around you, when you do good, they are envious.> When a person invalidate the object of your happiness (new job, new lover, your new weight), when you do good, they are envious.Whenever this happens, you know that that person is envious/jealous.Source: Perfect Money/Payeer/Epay/Neteller: