Why would someone who has a very high IQ achieve nothing worthwhile in their life?

I worked with a lady whose teenage son was supposedly tested with a 180+ IQ. He also was on the CARS scale, but barely. According to her, he was sought after by government agencies and universities. He graduated high school at 14, graduated college with a BA at 16, and went to law school. Unexpectedly, he showed up at home one day sometime after his 18th birthday and announced that he was done with school.

Hoping to scare him back to college, his mother and father threatened him that he'd have to earn money and pay rent. He went to work mowing lawns and laying sod. While there's nothing wrong with that, more (as in money-earning potential) was expected of him. His mother was very upset with his sudden lack of interest in college. She begged him to return, but he stood his ground and refused. He soon got his own apartment.

He met a pretty girl through his lawn work, married her, had a couple kids, and seems very happy and content with his life choices.

Still today, coworkers will mention him with pity, like he is a failure. In what way? He's not rich? He's not solving world hunger? Well, he's loved, has healthy children, and is happy. I think that's more worthwhile than what a lot of us ever achieve.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-would-some...-in-their-life

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