Do Nigerians know that Indomie is from Indonesia?

Well, I cant speak for all of my fellow Nigerians, but , looking back into the mists of time……

I was ten when Indomie made its first arrival in Nigeria, and back then I had a strange and weird habit of reading food labels. Back then, the product was largely imported (I believe that it is now manufactured here in Nigeria)…and I noticed that these things called ‘noodles’ came from a country that (at the time) I had a vague idea existed….Indonesia.

A few years later, I read a bit about the history of noodles…how they originally came from China, and how they spread around the world from there. (Also got to sample some imported Chinese noodles). I also saw a tv feature on how noodles were made.

And of course, like many Nigerians, I have consumed tons of the stuff (Not much these days…..instant noodles aren’t really a proper meal)


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