I have business ideas, know technology, have pool of potential co-founders, angel 20k investment if I need it, but I feel like being totally lost for past two month. Still waiting for another big idea, jumping from one thing to another and doing nothing as a result. I think it comes from the feeling/pressure to launch a startup asap from myself and my surrounding. Do you have any advice what to do, please?
I have been through the exact situation and came out of it successfully thrice in my life so far - with 3 different ventures which all turned out to be hugely successful.

Basically you are suffering 3 main issues:

1) Fear of Failure - you feel that since this is your first major startup - if you fail, you will let everyone down and therefore to save that potential grief and also not let anyone down, you are not moving forward.

Solution: Frankly speaking, the reality is failure is not only a good way to learn from your mistakes and move forward but also no one really remembers failures, so really why are you so worried about something no one will ever remember anyway?

2) Laziness: Again this goes along with #1 - whether we admit it or not, reality is, we are all lazy to an extent. There are several reasons but again #1 reason is fear of failure.

Solution: The easiest way I was able to fix this was following an advice I read in a Zen teachings book - obviously the solution is to TAKE ACTION. But more importantly...

It said "For every 2 minutes of REAL work you put in, take 5 minutes rest".

This might sound counter-intuitive but it works - why? You are at least taking SOME action rather than no action and eventually once you are in FLOW - you will not even want to take breaks!

Most importantly... This builds momentum. In business the #1 reason people succeed is because they have momentum - i.e. skin in the game. Otherwise, things change so quickly online that what you researched for the past 2 months to develop a "business plan" will no longer work 2 months from now - especially advertising mediums as well as the risk of someone else coming up with the same idea as you.

3) No "fire" in the belly/Motivation - this is because you just don't have a strong enough reason to succeed. We all go through these phases.

Solution: You cannot fake it - but I find that following people who are successful in your field (i.e. those who are successful and where YOU aspire to be) helps greatly. Add them on Facebook, Twitter, wherever. Read their books, getting jealous is actually a GOOD thing in these cases because it motivates you to keep going and strive to reach their status. The reality is none of them are any smarter then you, only thing they have that you don't is skills, experience and knowledge in their craft which you get with FOCUS and massive action.

Solve those 3 things and you will succeed. There is no question in my mind. Because frankly, success is the best revenge and the only way to build a great team is to lead by example - if you are lazy, unmotivated and fear failure your team will be the same as well.


Paul Ponna

Source: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-stop-...-wantrepreneur

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