What do you think are the '7 wonders' of the coding world?

Smalltalk – see Smalltalk and the Future of the Software Industry

C++ – the biggest and most complex programming language ever created

JavaScript – the biggest con job in programming ever created

Go – the fastest growing programming language in history: zero to nearly top tier in less than 7 years!

Java – replacing COBOL as the enterprise programming language; it is far, far ahead of all other
languages in terms of popularity and job demand

Python – how did this relatively slow scripting language manage to become so popular for
numerical computing, machine learning, data science, IoT, web development?

Lisp/Scheme – a homoiconic wonder with superb macro extensibility

Honourable mentions go to:

C – it underpins the entire IT industry (which includes Linux)

Forth – how can such a ridiculously simple language be so capable?

Emacs and vim – the “great” programming editors

OOP (object-oriented programming) – this programming paradigm has ruled the IT industry for
more than three decades and shows no sign of loosening its grip, not even in the face of FP

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-do-you-th...e-coding-world

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