You need to prepare.

Success is 95% practice and 5% preparation.

However, the entire school system is designed to have you prepare until you graduate college.

As a result, many people enter the workforce having never practiced creating value for customers and clients.

They start from zero.

Most people who graduated college with me are underemployed. Some work as waiters, waitresses, hosts, and bartenders. Others work in retail and low-end sales jobs.

Thatís what twelve plus years of preparation will give you.

And an average of $30,000 in debtÖ

Do we really believe kids have such little potential to add value to the world?

That we must hone this potential for over a decade before they can start practicing?

One day of practicing is all it takes to understand why itís better than preparing.

One day of working tirelessly on your art is all it takes to create something beautiful.

But we forget what we're capable of.

We let grades define us.

When what we should let define us is our will to help others. You donít prepare to help others; you lend a hand.

You practice.

After we graduate college with no practical skills, we work for a corporate company that encourages us to prepare even more.

If you want a senior position, then you need to put in five plus years of work.

Why the number five?

Those are the rules in their system.

But thereís good news. Thatís their reality. You can break the rules, then make your own.

You can only survive within your rules if you can create enough value for people.

If you can, then youíll never have to wait in line.

Youíll never have to prepare.

So, get to practicing.


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