Rudest: I have travelled the world and I must say that Paris, France by far takes the crown in this arena. Been there three times and the experience is always the same.

Friendliest Country: Ireland

Answer: Easiest Question Ever: France, Paris specifically.

Before our trip, I made it a point to learn a few words of french, so that I could at least dignify Parisians with an effort to learn their language. I even carried around one of those little french dictionaries in stereotypical tourist fashion.

I went with an open mind but boy was I disappointed, in the people at least. Iíll give you a perfect example:

I am looking for a hotel. We are walking down the rainy streets. I step under into a store, an empty store with a bored employee.

Walking up to her, I say ďBon jourĒ. (it is rude not to)

She gives me a blank look.

Smiling I say ďJe cherche un Four SeasonsĒ

She stares at me pretending not to understand what Iím saying.

I try phrasing it differently and asking a different way.

Hmm, Iím pretty sure Iím saying this right.

I try again.

She keeps nodding her head in what is now obvious fake confusion.

Ok, now this girl is just being a bee, eye, tee, see, aye-ch.

But I take it.

Finally she jumps into perfect English and tells me the directions.

Exasperated, I thank her and walk out the door. But leave my good mood behind me.

She knew I was American. Between my baggy North Face jacket, beat up sneakers and too-friendly attitude, that much was glaringly obvious. Nobody looked more English-speaking than moi. Why torture me? I am doing my best.

This happened more than once, Iím sure others have had better experiences. It was a good trip overall, just had to deal with a few more bad eggs than I would have liked. It has happened when traveling here in the US too.