I pointed out to a nice fellow earlier today that their claims on a topic were unsupported and told them why, and they simply responded by telling me they didn’t want to waste their time arguing with a “teenage ignoramus” (which they spelled wrong, just fyi). Has this ever happened to you at any age?

Last year, we had a substitute teacher in our Chemistry class and I noticed he was reading a copy of “War and Peace” by Tolstoy.

As a fellow bookworm, I got a little excited. After I finished my work I approached him and I told him I love Tolstoy very much and I have read several of his works, but had not gotten to War and Peace yet. I wanted to know if he was enjoying it.

He answered in complete bitterness, “What is a 15-year old teenager going to know anything about good literature? All you guys do today is stare at your phones, no one reads anymore.”

Ok, I have another one, this is the worst out of all of them:

When I was forced out of politeness to go to a party in which I knew no one, I got involved in a conversation with some of my parents’ relatively known people. My parents left the table leaving me in conversation with them. It slowly transformed to a conversation about society and people.

They made several homophobic comments, in which I politely told them I disagreed as I rejected all forms of prejudice.

They quickly turned and told me “Well, you see, you teenagers grow up with your friends and school telling you everyone is equal, everyone is fair, you grow up with such idealism. And then you get to real life and you discover the world is a merciless place, it beats the soul out of you, then all of us former idealists realize that not everyone deserves to be equal, including the gays.”

I was so appalled, the words turned into a punch to my stomach leaving me speechless.

I’ve had some disagreements with people on Quora, but it has rarely turned into an ad hominem attack about my age, with the exception of trolls, but trolls will be trolls.

Too bad the real world cannot be like Quora though.

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