needed, the executive assistant. to create a semi-legal business.

I'm going to start a semi-legal business, on the islands, the Pacific Ocean.
and for this there are several options:

1. for this I need a reliable partner, who agreed to create it with me.

2. to create a business, I need only a sailing yacht, cruising type, from 34 to 42 feet.

3. or need a direct investor + partner. which will be ready to buy a sailing yacht.
(Cheap sailing yacht can be bought for 30-50 thousand $)

payback period of one year.
I have all the necessary knowledge to create such a business.
please contact me, I'll tell you everything that you are interested in:
[email protected]

I use online the translator of texts if to you that that not clearly from
that that I have written, let to me the know.