Pedrams LLC is a newly formed post-production low liability company recently registered in the state of Nevada. I'm the owner and 19 year traditional and digital arts professional / developer.

I've thousands of high quality examples, images and videos, of my work in art and animation for major feature films, television, web, interactive, print and comic books, as well as brief bio, project history and demo reel on my main website:

As a Senior 2D/3DVFX Generalist, I have spent many years executing entire projects and shots from conception to completion, earning millions of dollars in profit for those companies hiring me, while I have labored and earned a respectable income.

I've recently decided to register my business, now to be their competition.

I'm seeking an investor/business partner to fund $1million for my new post-production start-up, Pedrams LLC. In addition to my current nearly $100K in software, hardware and technology, and traditional tools, this investment will be used to lease studio space, purchase advanced technology and tools, advertise and promote, and hire a few highend players to join my team.

I'm flexible and willing to negotiate reasonable terms. I do not have a written business plan, but I can provide you an executive summary, at your request.

If you are interested in speaking futher about this opportunity with me, please contact me via email at: p at pedrams dot com

Or, call me direct via the number listed on my site's contact page.

My Best,