This is a joint venture for everyone with a paying business/method. I want to joint venture with people who need staff to scale up their currently paying business. Imagine how much more $// you could make by having X amount of staff members. I can give you that staff for free. All I ask for is a fair revenue share.

Here's My Situation:

  • I have access to a source of staff so cheap that I can hire dozens of staff for any project. Virtual Assistants, Data Entry, Link Builders, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Article Writers... you name it and I can get them at rates that no agency nor lone agent can offer. Quality ranges from reasonable to high-end professional. I can simply pick and choose for any level of project. All that is needed is time to choose the right person for the job. I have hired 12 staff members from this source. I am very happy with the quality.

  • "Life" recently came and bit me in the ass. I now have debts and need fast cash.

  • I want to build up multiple revenue streams ranging from daily/weekly payouts to full blown product launches. Onshore/Offshore. Whitehat/Greyhat/Blackhat/Goddamn Evil... whatever. Affiliate/CPA/Lead Gen/Sales/Adult/Dating/eW/Gambling/PPI/Incentive/Mailing/Flipping... any vertical, any niche, any method considered.

My Proposal:

We add my staff to your already paying business/method and share the net profits between us.

I Provide:

Free Staff
I will get us as much labor as we will ever need. Some of the types of staff I can get quickly are:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Data Entry
  • Link Builders/SEM/SEO
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Article Writers
  • Project Managers
  • and plenty more...

Remember, the Virtual Assistants/Data Entry can be taught any general task. Need some other profession? Just ask and I can try to get them.

I am knowledgeable in online/offline marketing and ruthless! So how come I have the staff and the know-how yet need to do this JV? Time, mostly. Who ever has enough time to fully capitalize on the resources they have? To me, it makes absolute sense for me to plug my staff into your already paying business. More money, more connections, more resources, more staff ...for the both of us. We both win.

Risk Free Joint Venture
There is nothing to fear in this JV. I will try to take all the risk out of it for you. I am providing and paying the staff. You provide the method, necessary resources and affiliate/merchant accounts... all of which you would have or would be getting anyway. The profits can be split by the agreed % via escrow. For example, $$$ > Your CPA Account > Your bank account + My bank account (You can instruct your bank to send the agreed % of CPA payments direct to my bank account). I want this JV to be easy and have massive benefits for you. The happier and more comfortable you are, the more money we will both make.

You Provide:

You provide the method, any necessary resources for the method, some management of the project and a share of the net profit.

I'm Looking For:

  • As stated I need some fast cash so JV partners who can make good daily/weekly cash right NOW for me will get my attention first off.

  • I will also consider JVs with any method of generating money using the labor I have and can get. From quick cash to long-term product launches. Just make the payoff be worth it and you must have made money from the method before. So don't think that I won't consider your proposal. I have plenty of staff and desire for money to go around!

  • The method MUST be making you money right now. Not "last year..." nor "it will in the future". Only if it's absolutely spectacular would I even consider that... and it's very uncommon for me to come across ideas like that.

Don't Have A Paying Method?

If you don't have a method that you are making money from, but need staff and want to scale up, let's barter some of my staffs time for whatever resources you have. Accounts, memberships, tools, software, scripts, skills, methods, specialized staff... whatever you may have, run it by me.

Want to Joint Venture/Barter?

You have a method of business that you are making money with and you want to joint venture/barter with me. It's time for you to contact me.

I have turned off the ability to receive/send Private Messages on this forum.

The only way to contact me is via email:

In your email tell me:

  • Subject Line: JV or BARTER
  • A link to your forum user profile. If you also have other URLs that you feel better represent you, include them as well. But you must include a link to your profile on THIS forum.
  • What is the method/business? What are the items your bartering? Be as descriptive as possible.
  • Average payout?
  • Are the payouts daily/weekly/monthly/bi-monthly/launch day/per sale/when?
  • Recent data/stats/proof of it paying you right now?
  • What staff do you need to start with? How many of each profession?
  • Are you needing the staff short-term/long-term/forever?
  • What % revenue share are you proposing?
  • Any questions you may have? I want you to be completely reassured and eager to begin a JV partnership.

A post in this thread saying you have emailed me would be useful. Thank you.

I only want serious offers please. Your JV business model must be paying you right now. You must have your barter items and they must work.

If I like your JV/Barter proposal, I will email you back and we will take it from there. If you don't hear back from me it's because I have taken on a JV and dedicating my time to getting it up, running and generating cash. Or I have passed on your proposal. Don't fret, I'll hopefully get back round to you in time.

I just know this JV proposal is going to blow-up my email inbox. An almost unlimited number of free staff to scale your business... who in their right mind wouldn't think about that for one minute? I fully expect people to post "Anyone making any money with him yet? Scam!" or "Scam! He's after your business method." or "How come no-one has posted that they're JVing with him? Scam!". I'm not worried about that. Be aware that this will not be the only place I am offering this JV. So please be patient with me.

And finally... Get My Attention! What do I want and lots of? Fast cash! $XXX and $X,XXX daily net income + daily/weekly paydays and you've got me. Of course, slow cash will also be gladly accepted! Like I said, I will consider everything: big and small.

Looking forward to hearing from future partners,


P.S. If this has come across WAY too salesy... blame it on the Jay Abraham I have been reading recently. I'll happily reassure any potential JV partner by getting on Skype, sharing some details and gaining some trust. I really just want to get on with this and get some extra cash rolling in.

P.P.S. Scammers: Want to poach my staff/source? There is an intermediary between JV partners and my staff. No direct contact. Not even a box to infect with a RAT etc, unless I decide to give you a very public and costly whaling just for fun. Want to steal my share of earnings? Again, a costly mistake. You'll lose a lot more than just my share of the earnings.