I am a master degree graduate, however I have been already working in the field of online media for years before I came to the UK. I know modern youngsters of different cultures and countries very well and I have done years of researches on most of the leading social websites in the world.
I now have a business (Its not just a plan, actually its already being implemented) for doing a secured, filtered and upscale social society or circle for people of good qualifications who can seek their love, marriage partners and good friends through my special web platform (its not a website or at least not just a website in the future). In the currently beginning phrase I am servicing foreign and single men in the UK with young, pure, pretty and single girls (No direct sex exchanges, only a platform for free love, dating and even marriage). And after a time I will expand the business into other countries in the world with the headquarter in the UK and easy and convenient to manage abroad branches through online handlings.

I need a partner urgently. Two qualifications:
First, you have to be a British citizen and will be one of our two directors
Second, you should put some money (not very much) into our new company as the initial investment for you to be one of the two main shareholders.
If you are qualified and interested, please contact me for details (by phone 07834557968 or by MSN (email): [email protected]).