Hi all,

I run a wildlifes ite (www.PawsForWildlife.co.uk) and we are currently designing a new project. The basic idea is a card game that gets children interested in wildlife and encourages them (and their parents) to actively go out and learn about wildlife. All artwork is my own and the game doubles up as a top trumps/collectables game.

We do not have the 3000 to produce the initial 1000 sets (decks of 54 cards, and 2 others used for identification and learning). The price quoted includes our own design on tuck-flap boxes. We are looking for someone who may be interested in having our idea pitched to them. The initial 3000 costs would return 6,990 (6.99 per pack) which would be evenly split 50%. We have plans for many different sets and more production, but 1000 sets is the initial starting point.

The packs would be marketed via our website and some footwork marketing to toy shops, childrens shops and any other shops we feel may benefit (supermarkets, corner shops, etc).

If anyone is interested we would be happy to discuss, but please no time wasters