Searching for someone to help successfully market ActiveWIT Workflow, Case Management and Compliance.
This is Web 2.0 composite technology for custom processes.
See Microsoft's CSA Ray Ozzie's statement -> Ozzie foreshadows ‘Zurich,’ Microsoft’s elastic cloud | All about Microsoft | for opportunity.
Custom invoicing, purchasing, requests, approvals and other solutions are candidate for wide area workflow processes. As items process, activities are tracked with reporting, metrics and status on demand. ActiveWIT has need in small business (many opportunities), large business (low ROI solutions), auditing and compliance.

ActiveWIT removes many barriers to entry, places limits on high development cost and produces quick business solutions - in some cases from 6 months to 1 or 2 days. Changes to process, web forms or any other aspect of a defined solution is on demand. Completely web based, there's no deployment or installation. If interested, all of this can be verified at the website. Register and the entire platform is available to use, review and verify.

What's truly unique is that it's a Platform As A Service to define, manage and host custom business solutions in the cloud. Solutions may be defined and managed by a business person. Existing processes may be selected and modified to specification for even greater acceleration.

The federal government is looking for many of the features that ActiveWIT provides. Go to and research workflow and tracking RFI's. There's a completely untapped small business market. Medium and large market has costly and slow in-house, consultants, contractors or off shore development. They need solutions quicker and cheaper.
This is time to gain market share as businesses have needs but low cash flow.

ActiveWIT needs someone connected with a sales and marketing background willing to supply sweat equity.