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    Default Seeking short-term Investor for Medical Practice Expansion


    Are you a serious investor with liquid assets and strong credit score and stated income wanting short term solid and safe investment with good ROL?

    How much safer is medicine? Count the number of Cosmetic IPL (lasers) are bring used in your town, on your street and neighborhood. That is what I am talking about.

    Marketing formula for success is Supply feeds Demand. Baby Boomers demand these services and have the money to spend.

    They are already spending their money on this now as we speak. They are getting their skin burned, bruised, botox, chemical peels that are acid burns, and the other injections for wrinkles and deep line fillers hurt a lot. There is bruiseing, pain, swelling, downtime.

    I need the "other Lasers" the ones that do not hurt or burn. There is no competition.

    What I do does not hurt or burn. No down time or hiding your face. No swelling or tears. I use a new and different laser technology plus natural and safe Homeopathic Injection therapy that is non toxic.

    If you want in now, PM me for the details. Hurry. I am intervewing investors today and all I need is one good one and I am up and running making money and paying you back.

    If you want to be in longer, perhaps we can talk about opening up a 2nd location in 12 months or less. This is not a risk--it is an opportunity for the right investor. It is fun too. Making people look good and feel good is a joy when some areas of medicine you have to deal with pain and sadness.

    Today is Monday and I need the funding yesterday.

    PM me and lets talk.

    Dr Margaux A Gold, D.O.M. aka: sistersister
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