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    Default Seeking NRI and PIO for business investment and partnership in INDIA

    We are inviting Non Resident Indians (NRI s), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Corporate Bodies (OCB s) to invest in india with our administrative support and other management supports.

    How can we help you?

    *We shall be a assistant for your investments to monitor it.
    *We shall take care of your properties in India.
    *We shall be a partner for your business investments.
    *We shall give guidance for your business plans , taxations and other management supports.

    We have a talented team to do all type of supports, except mutual funds and share trading. We have a best profitable investment project, which will help you to raise your annual returns on your investments. Our indian government is always encouraging NRI investments and PIO investments. Interested NRI and PIO people shall utilize our team for their indian investments according to the applicable Indian laws.

    We are doing this NRI assistance towards a reasonable service charges.

    Interested NRI , PIO, shall contact through [email protected]

    This is a special project designed with the motivation of high profitabilty and credibility for NRI and PIO people. If NRI and PIO are interested to do some other investments or business projects also, we are in position to support them. our current bussiness proposal and investment project is as follows.

    HEALTH SERVICES (corporate )

    Aim:Tostart up a Health care center for diabetic & cardiology evaluation and treatment centre at very low cost of charges to the patients (including for the entry of a middle class.) which gives best profitable and credibility yield.Keys for running:

    1. Medical Centre (Health care hospital)
    2. Charges and other incurrence of fees are applicable to middle &
    Upper middle class people (Who are the ultimate sufferers)

    3.investigations and every thing inside the hospital

    4.All health insurances tie up.

    5.Doctors of specialties are working on commission basis.

    6.We will fix up the target of turn over of every department.

    7.Outside referral doctors will be honored with high commissions.

    8.field work and advertisement will definitely yields more inflow
    Of patients.

    9.Concessions announcement for some categories of diseases.

    Investment proposal and the funds required to start the business:

    1.Building (including land) (Building of 30,000 sq.ft)1, 200,000 usd2.Instruments 1, 500,000. usd3.Infrastructure520,000 usd4.Running capital (cash in hand)680,000 usd5.Vehicle & other amenities 380,000 usd6.Medicines & other kits 380,000 usd7.Blood bank, ct scan, usg, E Treadmill, physio 380,000 usd Total amount required.5,000,000 usd

    Major care in the Hospital:
    for diabetology
    for cardiology
    for orthopaedics
    for general surgery
    for Gynaec

    This is an approximate project proposal. This is a very high yield project comparing to real estate. To Invest in this project we are also in need of some government approvals in India.

    Interested NRI , PIO, shall contact through [email protected]
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