As you know Rolclub also owns other network sites like Buy Iraqi Dinars|Trust Dinar| Iraqi Dinars |New Iraqi Dinars| Buy Iraqi Dinar| $870/Million, and supply Iraqi dinar to our clients from all over including Rolclub, Tg a DTM members.

We do not want to hide our income, (being very high) due to the fact that we sell dinar...Dinar investments in itself is a very good investment (read iraqi dinar forum on Rolcub). And its a very lucrative investment to market for people that do not know about this yet...

Iraqi dinar dealers today are making somewhere from $100.000 to -2-3 million USD a year. Mind-blowing right?

We would be looking for members of Rolclub that would like to make such returns by joining forces with us, and let us teach & supply you with the real new Iraqi dinar.

We could also help with setting up Iraqi dinar forum's in your language on Rolclub, where you can control the community from your country, where you will be marketing Iraqi dinar locally..

Your profits will be set by you. We can supply Iraqi dinar to a fix rate. How much profits you would like to make is up to you. But if you keep it real, and not to high prices, you will still make much more money on the volume.

Selling iraqi dinar has for Trustdinar become very rewarding in very short time. Our income has Exploded, and we are taking order's in millions of dinar
each and every day...

How can you get into this business.

1. Learn more about iraqi dinar, its positive and negative side's.

2. Market it in newspaper/internet/forums/Family/Friends etc etc
in your country. Telling people is the only way in the start. Once you
have 2-5 sales, your first sales will bring even more sales to you by them
self as this is indeed a very very good income opportunity.

3. Keep in mind this is a numbers game. The more you tell, and have to
your team with you, the more you earn. If selling is hard for you, then,
keep in mind you have never sold a investment product such as this.
In 2 years of running forum, nothing has brought us such returns as
this product/investment.

4. You have to work systematically. Have all your sales followed up, and
give them top notch service with full information about where they can
obtain information/News on iraqi dinar...

5. Set your own hours, be your own boss. Most investments using these
words on internet are indeed very empty. But we have tested this
investment, and believe me, there is lots of potential to make money for
your buyer, and you as the agent that supply dinar.

6. You can either purcase 1-2-3-4-5-10-20-50 mil Iraqi dinar from us and
stock it, while you sell it. But we can also take orders one by one from
you and have them all shipped out for you whitout you having to
worry about that part.

7. We already have dinar dealers in Malaysia, Uk, and alot of other
countries selling 10-100 million iraqi dinar a week. This has nothing to do
with if its a richer or poorer country. All and everybody would like to
make money everywhere, so your clients are international and in each

Your sales will start with few hundred thousand dinar the first week (very low).

In 2-3 months you would have sold 50-500 millions iraqi dinar if you do this the right way leaving you with income potential from $5k-50k. And if you will do this full-time, you will triple your incomes for sure... Your success in this field is totally set by your own efforts.

This is probably just a window of making money selling this product for 1-3 years before the dinar will out of reach for most buyers...

Consider these facts. If you would like to talk directly with me, then
call me at any phone number given on our site Buy Iraqi Dinars|Trust Dinar| Iraqi Dinars |New Iraqi Dinars| Buy Iraqi Dinar| $870/Million
or by email at [email protected] with subject " Dinar Agent"

Looking forward to hear from you.