Hello. I am the marketing and advertising director for Nissan Sport Magazine, an English language Nissan enthusiast magazine. We are about to introduce a digital version of the magazine. I am curious about selling digital subscriptions to English speaking/reading Japanese that would like to have access to the only North-American Nissan Magazine. My idea is to find someone in Japan that would like to sell them to people in Japan, and we can split the profit. I think it would be simple, but this is my first time trying to do business outside the US. The idea is that names and emails would be forwarded from you to us and we would handle the rest. We would be paid by agreeing to a set amount per contact, and billing you in regular intervals (e.g. monthly).

This is not an offer. But, it could soon lead to a business agreement. Ideally you would know about Japanese trade laws with the US and understand the legality of buying US digital content to sell in Japan. There is low overhead and high profit, so this could work out to be lucrative for both of us if you think this is something that Japanese people would be interested in.

Also, even if you are not interested, but are Japanese or have knowledge of Japanese culture, and think this is a bad idea for any reason I would appreciate it if you could take a minute and tell me why. [email protected]

Thank you,

Keelan P. Murphy
Director, Marketing and Advertising
Nissan Sport, Inc.