Who: US Citizen born and raised in Jamaica
What: Private Ocean View Resort Bed/Breakfast being constructed Now. Resort will boast a boat/ramp for Leisure fishing by visiting guests. Business
will be run by two employees. One to transport guests to/from airport and around the Island (according to set iteniary) and the other will be
responsible for hosting guests/visitors (cook, clean, cater etc)

Where: Ocho Rios Jamaica W.I. Right on the ocean.
When: Seeking immediate Partner/s now
How: Seeking approximately US$500K to complete construction, purchase leisure boat, purchase vehicle for transportation and build boat ramp/access. Potential investor can expect to receive the following benefits:

1. Free 2-week all expenses paid stay for a family of 4 once annually for 10 years (Does not include Air Fare)
2. Investor will retain ownership of boat.
3. Investor will get 60% of all bookings for 10 years.