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Thread: Gins

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    Default Gins

    GINS DISBURSEMENT, MINUS..... a hefty % somewhat!!!!

    No more a rumor... its about to become reality .... the waiting in Limbo is over!!!

    Singapore Police Dept with Anti Corruption Act on Business Tradings & Commercial Companies, better known as CAD, has recently announced to ALL involved, that s substantial percentage of their investment once placed in GINS, is about to be distributed after a long process of redefining what, by whom and with WHOM and through which channel and just HOW much was involved, would qualify being refunded from a disbursement schedule soon to be announced.

    This is certainly "Welcome" news and all have been notified by mail. From what I gather, as was informed, it came about to USD$200 to every $1000 invested.

    Hence, it appears, somewhat plenty has been SLICED off but the horrendous gulp stays with the Authorities however, if one is not satisfied, Legal appeal is permitted and one is reminded, the presence and flight to the island of Singapore (perhaps a great opportunity to combine with a sunny "high season" holiday???) is a wise consideration to be in court pending decision on the rightful amount one deserves to receive as opposed to what has been decided.

    The option is YOURS to make. Otherwise, transfer payment by default will soon be arranged with the given details already known with the Authorities.

    I was informed, it was , if it ever was heard of again, it would be a Godsend news and BONUS.... but don't count your luck on bargaining an extra dollar to be haggled with... take your chips and say ...Sayonara, TQ Singapore...hahaaaa!!!

    I will be back with more when I gather more news... am currently away on week holiday in UK.

    I guess, I have to rejuvenate this Breaking News in that GINS Forum.... if I can find it...hahaaa

    Please go to the GINS thread to discuss or follow closely>>>:


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