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Thread: ebay

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    Default ebay

    Just thought i would share this bit of info... that maybe there is some real truth to the dinar drying up.....I am in no way a pupmper as you can tell by all the post i have written....but since the prices on ebay have gone way up as you know i thought i would offload a few bills.....anyhow today i had an auction end today an it was for someone in the military..YES SOMEONE IN THE MILITARY getting it from me....and i thought geez the dinar must be drying up or maybe this guy is trying to get his hands on as much as he can afford as he might know something. Just thought i would share as someone in the service bought dinar from me and paid a high rate for it too...just a thought ... so i was thinking hmmm interesting i need to share this with good members of rol club. Im gonna email the guy and see if he knows of any info to whats up...will post if i hear anything worth posting Tank
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