Globalprebuilder is the prelaunch program to a major travel business which is built on an actual business and also gets you perks.

This is what the travel program has in store for you:

This is a travel company

Cost to join $250 and $15 set up fee.

Products: Vacations and resorts with up to 80% discount, starting from $99!

This is a Perfect gift to share with your friends and family, not only
with other marketers.

Pay Plan: 2x3 recycling follow me matrix with $1000 payout and $100 bonuses.
Payments are ready to be made on 19th.

If you have joined, you can already now log in to
using password and username you created on Global Pre-builder website.

And much much more! I managed to get on a high level under a big promotor and you can expect a lot of spillover from higher levels :)