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    Default Degreeofthree -

    This is what you all wanted. Now its here.
    Just Launched

    Join one EARN FROM 3
    Degree Of 3 you talked we listened.


    A Spot in DegreeOfThree costs $55
    DegreeOfThree has only Two Tiers
    which are filled by a very strong TEAM

    DO3 Tier #1 is 2 x 2 Matrix
    First row under you is given 2 members.
    Second row under you is 4 and each give
    you $55 x4 = $220
    The $220 is used to>
    a. Pay You Cash $65
    b. Pay $155 to enter DO3 Tier #2

    DO3 Tier #2 is 1 x 2 Matrix and gives
    you $155 x 2 = $310
    The $310 is used to>
    a. Pay you CASH $135
    b. Pay $55 to RE-ENTER DO3 Tier #1
    c. Pay $120 to Purchase a spot in NGC

    DegreeOfThree pays you TOTAL CASH $65 +
    $135 = $200

    Re-Entry to Tier #1 $55 Perpetuates
    To continually pay you $200
    And a New Spot in NGC $120
    Every Cycle - just for a Single payment
    of $55

    SUMMARY of Benefits of NGC and 10$adz
    NextGenerationCentral has Three Tiers -
    all 2x2
    NGC Tier #3 gives CASH $2000
    NGC Tier #2 (which is completed twice)
    gives a NEW spot in NGC
    NGC Tiers #1 + #2 give a Total of 66 x
    $10 spots in 10$adz

    The Two New spots in NGC given by NGC
    Tier #2 perpetuates
    AND DOUBLES the Benefits each time NGC
    Tier #3 is Completed
    All for a Single Payment of $120
    OR from a Spot given by DO3 Tier #2

    10dollaradz is a single line which pays
    out CASH $10 each time a spot reaches
    the Top of the List - PLUS a New Free
    spot placed at the bottom (at the same
    time the Sponsor is given 50cents).
    The List is Scrambled every Two Weeks -
    giving everyone a CHANCE to get near the
    Top and Cycle before the next Scramble.
    $10 spots can be Purchased
    OR gained from completion of NGC Tiers
    #1 + #2
    10$adz also has a Scratch & WIN game and
    a Throw Dice game.

    ALL Three Programs provide very
    effective and Diverse ways of

    Wishing you extreme success,

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