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Very Small 2x1 forced matrix!

Earn Fast With Very Small 2x1 forced matrix system is easy to fill up and thereby cycle. Only 2 positions to fill.
Get paid $20 per cycle!

Get paid $20 for every single time you cycle! That's so easy and earnings $20 over and over again.
Get paid $5 matching bonuses!

Get paid $5 matching bonus for every member that cycles whom you referred, every single time!
Automatic re-entry!

Automatic re-entry back into the program ($29 value)!
Follow your sponsor!

ALL of your referrals follow you into your new matrix when they cycle from their matrix.
Spill-overs and spill-unders!

Get spillovers from your upline and spillunders from your downline, thereby helping you cycle!
Everyone cycles!

Company randomly fills positions from time to time! Plus admin re-enter under the next available position in the program to ensure that everyone cycles eventually.
Amazing products!

Quality products you can use to promote this income opportunity and any other business.
One time fee!

One time fee of $29, for which you get the products and life time membership into the program.


And here is the regular payment:

Easiest way to generate $3000-$5000 / Month. at SprintWealth.com !