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No Selling, You don't need to refer anyone to earn money, this is an absolutely new concept and it is an extension of how send earnings
SendEarnings can help you earn some extra cash for doing some very simple tasks, just remember to keep your expectations reasonable.

This site is very clean and easy to use. There are several different ways to make money with this site, including playing games, doing surveys, shopping and reading emails.

How To Make Money With SendEarnings?
SendEarnings offers many different ways to Earn Money:
1. Cash surveys: You can also earn by completing surveys for which you will be rewarded.
Some offers cost you nothing and get you roughly $0.25 to $1.50. Within the first day you can easily earn a little over $5.00 by completing these free offers.
Add this to the sign up bonus and profile surveys and you have yourself almost $15.00 in your first day.
2. Paid to read mails: Once you have registered, the program will send you cash mails or survey invitations. You will be paid for every mail you read 3 cents per email viewed. (If you read three emails per day, seven days a week, that’s $32.76 per year)
3. Cash Offers: This usually involves doing some type of tasks such as signing up for some product information and free trials. This will originate from various third party advertisers. SendEarnings will get some portion of funds from the third party advertisers and credit to the members who complete a successful trial. The payment may vary from 25 cents to $20 depending on the sponsoring merchant.
4. Cash for shopping: This offers cash rebate of up to 40% discount for online shopping. (Thus through send earnings many are earning money. SendEarnings is highly suitable for US and Canadian residents when compared with other countries.)
(It's the best method I've found that anyone can use to make money online)

You have to make at least $30 to get a check..
The money comes about a week later (SendEarnings Really pays)

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