Hello again guys,

On September, I made $279 from ugotfile.com. I was aiming for $400 on October. I am so happy I made it. I got $440 last month.

Here is the history statistics:

You can view it live here: http://ugotfile.com/affiliate?stat=sieuquay8x#history

Some of you guys might wondering how much ugotfile.com paid per downloads, there is no absolute answers! The amount per download is varied depending on your performance.

Here is how it's really works, took me quite long to figure out:

  1. Pay per Downloads:
    For every unique download you can get from 0 to 10 cookies (download points) depending on the country. You could check out the countries from here http://ugotfile.com/cookie#info.
  2. Premium Sales:
    If your download links lead to premium sales, you earn 20% of the sales. Their monthly subscription is $9.99, so you get $2. If they pay for 1 year, you get $16 per sale. Their subscriptions are recurring, so you get it month after month. That's why my earning increase month after month and I don't have to work harder.
  3. 50% Referral
    Never heard of right! Yeah, they pay you 50% of you referrals' affiliate earning. I am having a hard time building up my referral list. I spend a lot of them helping them earn as much as I do. At the end of the day, I'll get 50% of their earning from ugotfile.com! They have nothing to loose anyway!

Here is the maths on pay per download:
If you only calculate pay per download based on my total earning last month. I would say they paid me up to $44 per 1,000 downloads. I've made only $100 on my cookies (download points). But my total earning is $440 when adding premium sales and 50% referrals altogether.

For those interested in pay per download. I would say ugotfile.com pay me up to $44 per 1000 downloads. They will pay you differently as everyone should have unique performance. But you should expect better pay per download overtime.

My new target is $650 THIS month!

Please wish me luck!

Thanks for reading & happy sharing!