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What if a website seller came along and offered to add you into Each New Premade Randomizer he sold for an unbelievable one-time price of just $4.00?

First Notifications, Instant Accesses, Random Alertpay $, Different $ Amounts, New Programs Often, It's All Up To You...

Join 1 Randomizer And Enter Many!

You have just come accross a great opportunity to seeing more instant payments into your Alerptay account. My name is Ben Campbell and I own a website named eZoneSites.com.

So What Does This Mean To You?

I make and sell randomizer websites to future randomizer admins. By joining SimpleRandomPayments, I will personally add you into each new randomizer I make and sell. Not only that, I will also send you an email each time I add you into a new randomizer program. No matter if I sell one a week or one a month, you will be added to each and every one.

When people purchase websites, most prefer to purchase websites that already have a member base and are actively being advertised. This is where you come in. By joining this randomizer, you will be automaticly added into each new randomizer I make and sell, this gives the new randomizer an instant member count. This makes the new randomizer more appealing to future admins and members.

With each new randomizer program and each new admin comes admin advertising (random advertising to you). This lines you up to earn instant random Alertpay payments from each new randomizer program you are automaticly added into!

Imagine having your Alertpay email in 10, 20, 30+ randomizers just because you joined this ONE.

Join Today for a referral fee of $2.00 and a administration fee of $2.00.

You will be added to each new randomizer I make and sell from today forward! You can even refer others here and earn more!
Price Subject To Rise With Member Count

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.