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Do you prefer to get RECURRING $7 for just being a member?

Or get $20 + $7 OVER AND OVER without limit?

The CHOICE is dependent on your TARGET because it is POSSIBLE!

Program Overview


Nothing to sell, no pre-qualification for payment. No accumulation of earnings

You DON'T have to refer anyone if you like

All payments are direct and instant. If you refer someone now, he pays you $20 libertyreserve directly NOW, if the system picks you for random payment, you get $7 in your libertyreserve account instantly. No payments to be processed by admin.

Referral payment is in three levels. Your direct referral pays you $20, pays your sponsor $10 and a third sponsor ahead of you $5. Same happens when your direct referral brings someone to join. Your direct referral is paid $20, YOU are paid $10 and your sponsor is paid $5. This happens permanently.

The more people you personally refer, the more $20 you collect.

The more direct referral you have, the more $10 you get from their activities.

The more indirect referral you get from your direct referral, the more $5 you get from their activities.

People pay you directly into your libertyreserve account before becoming a member.

One random member is selected for $7 payment each time there is a new signup.

Random selection of sponsor whenever a guest clicks to join without a sponsor URL.

How pays2Honor will make you Succeed?


The entire pays2Honor system is fully AUTOMATED! Meaning you get your own FULLY AUTOMATED online business by joining.

You wonít have to wait for admin to send you payments. You kind of own a space on pays2Honor where people pay YOU directly for signing up.

Every new member MUST pay four different people. Imagine how many people will be covered each day!

Payment of admin + registration on the randomizer is only a ONE TIME fused $10+$10 = $20 payment. You will never have to pay again, IMAGINE.

Getting payment starts IMMEDIATELY no other conditions to meet. Very good stuff, you will agree!

You work as you like depending on you (your target). You have more time to enjoy the good things of life.

You get as many other people working with you to help you succeed as they pay you to join your pays2Honor payment hierarchy program and work UNDER you!

The power of the randomizer and random sponsor selection is invaluable.

Every person who pays you to join promotes you by the conduct of their own pays2Honor business forever, practically working for you! They can then help other people to join their pays2Honor as associates, and those people pay them and you and your sponsor. UNLIMITED DOWNLINE potential with limit!

You get a site to monitor your activities and a URL personalized with your username that assesses pays2Honor site to help you have full control of your payment potentials without waiting on the randomizer to fix you up.


This is the best and last site you might ever need to visit to achieve REALISTIC FINANCIAL GROWTH! We are set to storm the world and define simplicity as the hallmark of online income opportunity and this can be possible if YOU join now! LETíS IMPACT THE WORLD!

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