The Program is an inexpensive 2x2 for a one time $10.
It works like the rest out there but with a big twist which will bring
in residual long term income without monthly payments!

Pay $10 to enter
Pays out $20 plus get a free regenerated position.
Here's the twist!
It pays you a $1.00 cycle bonus on everyone in your downline
8 levels deep when they cycle! This is enormous income potential!

There is no limit on how many people you and others can sponsor
so your downline grows geometrically to unlimited size! See example
below with an average of 5 referrals each.

LEVEL 1 5 5 $5.00
LEVEL 2 5 25 $25.00
LEVEL 3 5 125 $125.00
LEVEL 4 5 625 $625.00
LEVEL 5 5 3125 $3125.00
TOTAL $3905.00

Thats just five levels!

You earn all the way down to level 8. You know the old calculation, 5x5x5....etc. down to 8 is 488280! Just imagine if everyone had 10 frontline!

And don't forget that everyone is going to cycle more than once! Plus you yourself will cycle over and over again!



The site is a bit rough yet, looks like Pure2x2 on the front end, but operates

differently in the back end.