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welcome to workfor7dollars !

workfor7dollars is a simple 5x10 'feeder program' designed to help anyone and everyone participate in one of the quickest cash-generators in the home-business industry!

Starting with a one-time cost of $7.50, you are in business.

True 5x10 Forced Matrix (Everybody recruits to the same matrix)
Every level in the company matrix is filled from left to right, compressed at all times - NO HOLES EVER !

lifetime membership fee of ONLY $7.00!(Does not include $0.50 fee).(Less than the cost of a COFFEE!)
are you ready to share and create the lifestyle you deserve?


* There is a single lifetime membership fee of ONLY $7.00!(Does not include $0.50 fee) You will get access to the List Builder mailer, the direct referrals instant messenger and the promotional tools as soon as You join WorkFor7Dollars.
* You are being paid for direct and indirect referrals.
* Members earn a commission for every member that joins their 5x10 forced matrix. The commission earned depends on the level where the new member joins. Please refer to the List Builder compensation plan page for details. You will see that you will get back your $7.00 with only 3 people referred! ... And you can make over $36,621,872.50 from the matrix.

Start Building YOUR Huge List Today!

All the people who join The WorkFor7Dollars List Builder in your 5x10 forced matrix will be part of your list of leads that you can email periodically. We do not limit the number of people that our members can refer. So you can refer as many people as you want and they can refer as many people as they want and this will fill your matrix much more quickly, thus building your huge list of leads very rapidly ... and you earn money while this happens!

WorkFor7Dollars Member Benefits:

* Worldwide Program - We accept all members.
* We and other Members will help you to earn in this program. Guaranteed!
* Receive $36,621,872.50 profits !
* First 3 People return your $7.50 ! - Check Here.
* No advertising or internet business experience required.
* Access to $$$$$ worth of Digital Products. (All with Resell Rights)
* Your own referral URL instantly and automatically.
* All your profits will be deposited directly to your account.(1-24h)

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