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    Default santa-cash -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    From the desk of: Santa Ca$h
    Location: North Pole Bank & Trust
    Date: Sometime before the holiday season

    My friend,

    Are you tired of struggling to pay the holiday bills every year?

    Has the economy put you in an even WORSE position this year?

    Well, Santa Cash is designed to help you STUFF YOUR STOCKING WITH CASH before the holiday season even BEGINS !!

    With our simple (but POWERFUL) system, every time ONE new member joins we put $5 into SEVEN different members' stockings!

    That's correct. Every single time a new member joins, SEVEN PEOPLE RECEIVE CASH.

    Can you imagine what that could do for YOUR holiday budget this year?


    All you need to do is let people know about this site. When people decide to join, they will add a $5 payment to YOUR Santa Cash stocking when they activate their account.

    Then when your referrals spread the word and get people to join, THOSE people will ALSO add $5 payments to your stocking. This happens SEVEN-LEVELS DEEP!

    You simply get things started and then watch the $5 payments fill your stocking.

    Can you imagine a simpler and more fun way of preparing for your holiday shopping?

    And THAT is exactly what this site is all about... HAVING FUN.

    Will Santa Cash make you wealthy enough to retire?

    Probably not.

    But what if you could earn a few hundred dollars... or even a few THOUSAND dollars? Would that make for a FUN holiday season for you?

    With Santa Cash it really IS possible to turn a small one-time payment into hundreds... even THOUSANDS... of dollars very quickly and easily. Because when active members refer new members to the site, they are helping to put $5 payments into the stockings of other members. You are not going it alone. Other members are helping you make money.

    You just find a few other people that also want to stuff their stocking before the holidays and refer them to the site. Once they join, then those members will help fill your stocking with $5 payments as they get others to join.

    It really couldn't be any easier because EVERYONE wants to find a way to make some extra money for the holidays. The program really sells itself. You just get people to visit the site.

    The fact that you receive $5 payments SEVEN-LEVELS DEEP is what makes the system fill your stocking so quickly. Just click the button below to see what could happen...

    I hope you clicked the button and put some numbers in the calculator. If you did, then you can now see how POWERFUL this program is.

    You simply need to refer a few members to the site to get the ball rolling!

    You simply promote your Santa Cash URL until you get at least 5-10 sign-ups. You'll even want to tell all your friends and family about this great way to stuff your stocking.
    n our back office, you will find all the marketing materials you could ever need to get started. You will also find some great advertising resources in the back office. Just don't stop until you have at least 5-10 referrals in order to really maximize the system.

    However, here's a simple example of what could happen if you got just FOUR personal referrals.

    Those 4 people will each add $5 to your Santa Cash stocking. That's $20 for you.

    You've already received half of your sign-up fee back!

    Then encourage your 4 referrals to do the same thing until they each have 4. That puts 16 more people in your Santa Cash downline and $80 more in your stocking.

    Then those 16 get 4... another $320 in your stocking!

    Then those 64 get 4... that's another $1,280 in your stocking!

    By the time you've gone through your seven levels... as long as everyone simply refers 4 people... you will have received over $109,000 in your stocking.

    And if $109,000 isn't enough for you... simply get 4 more personal referrals and start the process all over again.

    Could it be ANY easier?

    And it's only a one-time $39 payment to join!

    There is not a simpler way to turn such a small payment into so much extra cash for the holidays.

    The potential of this program is amazing. The exponential growth 7-LEVELS DEEP is what fills your stocking! And the program is SIMPLE AND FUN, so it's super easy to promote.

    Think about it... who does NOT want extra money for the holidays? This site appeals to EVERYONE!

    But, we've also added an AMAZING TWIST that makes this a YEAR-ROUND money-maker because we know you're asking yourself "what happens AFTER the holidays"?

    Well... and try to stick with us here...

    We figured that people spend 6 months of the year looking forward to (and saving money for) the holidays. But then AFTER the holidays, what do people spend the next 6 months looking forward to... and saving money for?

    We'll give you a little hint...

    For more information, visit

    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    This looks like a great program i am going to join will you show me the way raj.

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