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Welcome To Profit Leads Emailer

We JUST entered SECRET Founders PRE-Launch a few hours ago!
Official Pre-Launch begins November 1, 2009
Official International Launch begins February 1, 2010

You've heard that "THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST?"
Well we've put list building on STEROIDS!

GROW your List by 100,000 ***** new survey leads generated FOR you EVERY MONTH!

How would you like to email 100,000 ***** new survey leads loaded into your very own emailer hosted by us every month?

Email 100,000 your 1st month, then it'll grow to 200,000 the following month, then 300,000 the next month and so on! There is NO LIMIT on how big your list of contacts can grow as long as you remain a member for just $99 per month.

Send unlimited ads all month from our stable, proven rock solid servers!

This IS THE ANSWER to put your marketing efforts on steroids!

But it gets EVEN better!
You can make TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars VERY QUICKLY by being at the top of of our 3X6 Forced Matrix. UN-HEARD of HUGE, record-breaking $25 per MONTH Personal Sponsoring Bonuses can make you very rich, very fast! PLUS you get $10 per MONTH for everyone who spills under you! Adds up REAL QUICK! Especially for those who are 1st to join!

$25 per MONTH Personal Sponsoring Bonus!
Our 3X6 Forced Matrix pays you $25 per MONTH for EVERYONE you personally sponsor!
PLUS huge commissions down 6 Levels!

LEVEL 1 $10 X 3 = $30
LEVEL 2 $10 X 9 = $90
LEVEL 3 $10 X 27 = $270
LEVEL 4 $10 X 81 = $810
LEVEL 5 $10 X 243 = $2,430
LEVEL 6 $10 X 729 = $7,290
$10,920 per MONTH!

Plus the possibility of over $25,000 per month in personal sponsoring bonuses!

The top Spot in the WHOLE Forced Matrix is open to YOU now!
We are inviting select people to fill the first spots before our launch!
There is NO ONE in the Matrix YET!

1st 39 to join Millionaire Goal!
We want to make a PUBLIC EXAMPLE of you to the world!
We are going to go out on a limb! Our intention is to make PUBLIC EXAMPLES of the 1st 39 to join, by making them MILLIONAIRES! We will then take YOUR example and use it as proven testimonial to build this company even bigger, very fast!
We will invest everything we got to build your downline so we can use your testimonial!
OH YES! You want to be among the 1st 39!
And you can lock it in RIGHT NOW for just $129 ($99 Emailer + $30 for our Comprehensive Distributor Kit) if you act fast!

First one to order gets the TOP SPOT in the Matrix!
AND the whole company will be built UNDER you!

For more information, visit

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