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    Default Join AutoXten team momentum builder - Get with us, before the World Does


    We're now entering the most critical phase of AutoXTen.

    While its true that we still have 5 days to get enrolled to lock in
    our positions, there is a reason that the smart ones (major leaders)
    are getting signed up today.

    In this Comp Plan a huge amount of commissions earned
    will be generated from Sponsor Bonuses. You will
    earn 50% checks from everyone you sponsor and 50% of
    the checks of anyone they sponsor.

    My point is that of course you want to lock in your own position.
    You're on one of the fastest and biggest teams in all of AXT. As
    you probably noticed I am in the Top of the Leadership board
    for most of Pre Launch. What you may not know is my sponsor
    is is also who is a major MAJOR leader with over 7,500
    members enrolled in Pre Launch.

    And he is front line to the company. The spill-over from the
    company, my sponsor, and my team is going to be massive. Whether
    you made great money in the past in business opportunities or you've
    never made a dime we all have the same opportunity to benefit here.

    A few audio's to listen to on your AXT login page
    (www dot autoxten dot com / login dot php)

    Listen to the Jeff Long's audio - top audio
    Then listen to the recorded call - bottom audio

    This is a unique comp plan. You WILL GET PAID (even if you never
    personally sponsor anyone) for every single person who falls into your
    4 x 4 matrix! This is why the team you work with is so critical.

    So, how do people get into your matrix? There are 3 different ways:
    You may personally sponsor them, spill over from your sponsor or anyone
    above them, also spill-under (people who have cycled through all 4
    levels and are re-entered automatically).

    Take a few minutes to get yourself enrolled. Best way to join is $150 to
    open up all 4 levels of your Phase 1 matrix, or you may opt for the $10
    option to open Level 1 in Phase 1.

    Your Success Partner,

    Dollar Bill M


    P.S. Bonus for people who upgrade within the next 24 hours: You will be placed
    in a special advertising rotator to get Pre Enrollments rolling in prior to starting in
    5 days. Even if you don't have any personal enrollees, as long as you upgrade I
    will add you into my rotator.

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    Be very careful with this one. It is being promoted, and possibly owned by Daniel Manning, the scammer who owns YourTrafficIncome. Manning has totally ignored any requests for assistance at YTI, and has scammed literally thousands of members whom he has not paid.

    If you have money in this one, I'd advise that you take whatever you have coming and run!

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