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    I am not the admin of the program.
    About TamPogo

    Tampogo is a unique, marketplace *******. It was born from the dreams of several industry leaders who desired to seamlessly blend the best concepts of online marketing and network marketing. This blend has never been done in the history of the web. These leaders set out to create a site that was accessible to all people, required no registration fee, and no membership fee. The site also had to provide products that were in high demand, but offered at prices that were unmatched anywhere online or in stores. These leaders also recognized and tracked two rapidly emerging trends. First, online purchasing is growing at an incredible rate. 200 billion dollars a year of revenue is an amazing number, but pales in comparison to the hundreds of billions of dollars that will occur within the next five years as online shopping emerges as the primary purchasing option. Second, market trends are no longer controlled by corporate giants, sitting in glass offices, drinking expensive coffee! Social networking is quickly becoming the driving force behind market trends. People talk to people. Products and ideas gain or lose life based upon the online feedback of people just like you. Because of these shifts, *******ing individuals like you can profit from these market trends in ways never before imagined. Tampogo is intentionally designed to embrace the emerging trends of a new marketplace. You can have a part in driving this new economic machine. The income potential of Tampogo is unmatched by other Network Marketing opportunities. Our program is designed to redistribute the wealth of our economy. Through Tampogo, every individual has a chance to build an exciting financial future without having to invest in product or the normal expenses associated with starting a business. Your business grows as you, and those in your network, invite people to be a part of the Tampogo opportunity. The web based, viral growth opportunity of Tampogo sets it apart as a cutting edge company. With a compensation plan designed to provide immediate income from each purchase, every Network Partner will have the opportunity to save money and build a continually expanding financial future. The world has changed. Today, you have to decide if you want to be part of the next step in the market. Tampogo will give you all the tools you need to fully embrace these trends and build a solid financial future. Welcome to the new world…your future awaits!

    Sign up as a Network Partner for FREE. Begin buying a minimum of 1 Fast Track product each month. TamPogo offers literally hundreds of Fast Track products, and many are things you already buy. But, now you’ll be able to purchase them at
    discounted prices. Fast Track products typically cost between $20 and $30 each, but their value is significantly more.

    Choose 8 friends, family or anyone who will get excited about this opportunity. Sign them up as Network Partners directly under you and then help them choose 8 people to offer the opportunity to as well.
    Additionally, place the remarkable
    TamPogo opportunity in front of Direct Customers, people who buy products from your website but aren’t Network Partners. They will contribute to your success and help spread the word of TamPogo for you.

    The viral, exponential growth that will occur is going to be mind boggling. You can earn down as many as 8 levels deep, but you must have 8 Network Partners directly attached to you to reach the 8 level cap.

    Click on the Compensation Plan
    In a very short time, you’ll see real, tangible results. Results that translate to serious cash in your pocket.

    For more information, visit

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    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    UPDATE: has just added first items to shopping portal, and I am impressed, below is example I chose to research through Shopzilla which I use to scan whole internet for best prices, and Amazon usually comes up as lowest price online. This blew me away since I had just bought this watch a month ago as gift, and I am amazed it was listed at TamPogo, so this was a real important comparison I needed before promoting. With 50% savings like this, no one will touch TamPogo.

    Listen to audio overview below.

    Ladies, Guess, Fashion, White MOP Dial Stainless Steel Gold, Style # GC33506L1

    Other products by GUESS?
    No customer reviews yet. Be the first. | More about this product
    List Price:$359.00 Price:$264.95 You Save:$94.05 (26%


    Item #: JWW20005"LADIES GUESS FASHION WATCH, WHITE MOP, GC33506L1"Suggested Price: $359.00
    Tampogo Price: $139.95 Add to Cart View Details Tell A Friend


    Pretty impressive price savings on Guess Ladies Watch I picked at random and did a search for prices, Amazon, which everyone knows has great prices was not even close for same model number. Imagine saving 50% from your own social media shopping portal, and this is not the usual useless affiliate rebate malls we have all seen, this is truly different and with the connections to manufacturers already in place, this is a winner.

    Register for FREE, no purchase required, no selling, just telling, this is transfer buying and with thousands of deep discount direct from manufacturing prices, no one will be close to competing, and when you add in viral aspect which has driven the social media craze to a frenzied level we have all seen over the past few years, the timing is perfect to introduce

    FREE Membership Access ID is NP14903

    Success to all, Mike

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