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    Default thegoldenpath -

    I am not the admin of the program.


    Welcome to the first online matrix program presented and endorsed by a Social Networking program.

    Online Social Networking is huge! Facebook and MySpace have millions and millions of members. Just imagine if one of them started promoting a matrix program to it's members! Can you imagine joining one when they first opened and how much you would be earning now! Wow! Boggles the brain doesn't it?

    Well, this is exactly what the latest social networking giant has done and YOU have the opportunity to join it NOW, right at the beginning! The massive, new 'Hello Hello' Social Network has opened this matrix to it's members and you have the chance at some huge, long-term residual earnings. Huge leaders and online teams are onboard this amazing new program and as this is a forced-matrix, the spillover and growth of this program will be constant! That's right! This is the 'right time and the right place' for you to start earning some BIG money online!

    'The Golden Path' program benefits:

    A Small 3x6 Matrix!
    Earn up to $2,619 per month, per position!

    An incredibly cheap monthly cost of just $10 per position
    (+$2 payment processor fee)!
    Multiple positions allowed!
    Regular compression means no holes in the matrix!
    Receive massive spillover from your upline!
    Huge worldwide opportunity!
    Experienced and supportive admin team!
    Huge array of downloadable software and e-book products!

    With 'The Golden Plan', once you register a position you are first given access to some amazing downloadable products every month which are worth thousands of dollars alone, plus you are also given a position in 'The Golden Plan' matrix.

    This is a 3x6 matrix which means that it is 3 positions across and 6 levels down. This gives a total of 1,092 positions for a matrix to be filled for a member. As you receive members under you from either your own promotion or from spillover from your upline your matrix will fill level by level until it is completely filled, (spillover occurs when members above you have filled their first level. Subsequent referrals by them spillover into their next levels and your own levels).

    Level Positions Commission per position filled Total Commission
    1 3 $3.00 $9.00
    2 9 $0.50 $4.50
    3 27 $0.50 $13.50
    4 81 $0.50 $40.50
    5 243 $1.50 $364.50
    6 729 $3.00 $2187.00
    Total 1092 $9.00 $2619.00

    As you can see from above, if you just refer 3 people under your referral link and those 3 do the same, your matrix will fill in no time, especially with the bonus of spillover and everyone all working towards the same goal of filling their matrix. Once your matrix has been filled from your own promotion or from the spillover from your upline, you will earn a massive $2,619 every single month! Now, just imagine if you had 2, 3, 5 or even 10 or more of those positions for yourself. Then you are talking BIG money! With constant regular growth from Hello Hello as well as all the leaders and teams in this great program, earning huge online profits has now become a reality!

    Are You Ready To Get On 'The Golden Path' To Success?

    IMPORTANT - After you have registered for your new account, you must first activate it via the link in the email that you will receive, (please use a GMail account so as not to delay the process). Once you have activated your account, then you must log in to your new account and make the payment for your new position via the 'upgrade' link on your main overview page. You will not be placed into the matrix until your position has been paid for. Also, you must use a different email address for each new account that you register.

    Please note that we accept either Alertpay or SolidTrustPay for payments. If you do not have

    an account with either, then please click these links below to sign up for one for free.

    For more information, visit

    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    Today's update to my group....

    Subject: The Golden Path Team Update - It's Getting Exciting

    June 23, 2012

    Greetings Everyone,

    It is getting exciting for folks who have stayed with the program.
    My e-wallet balance is growing by the day and I stepping up my
    new subscription purchases. I now have 10 subscriptions......

    24142 May 16 2012 03:35 Jun 24 2012 03:35
    24143 May 16 2012 03:35 Jun 24 2012 03:35
    24144 May 16 2012 03:35 Jun 24 2012 03:35
    24145 May 16 2012 03:36 Jun 24 2012 03:36
    24146 May 16 2012 03:36 Jun 24 2012 03:36
    214164 Jun 20 2012 21:53 Jun 24 2012 21:53
    231668 Jun 21 2012 19:29 Jun 24 2012 19:29
    246086 Jun 23 2012 10:20 Jun 24 2012 10:20
    246810 Jun 23 2012 22:30 Jun 24 2012 22:30
    247036 Jun 24 2012 03:37 Jun 25 2012 03:37

    Notice that my first 5 were purchased on May 16 and the next 5 were
    purchased during the last few days. In my last update I indicated that
    I would be purchasing one new subscription each week. However, based
    upon my account growth during the same period*, I will be purchasing
    more often and I expect that many other members will be doing the same
    thing as their accounts begin to generate income.

    *Note that about 32872 new subscriptions have been purchased during the
    last 4 days.

    My goal is to have 75 subscriptions earning $44 per day by this time next
    year. Even if I accomplish only 50% of my goal I will be very pleased! In
    fact, just 25% of my goal will yield about $836 per day and who wouldn't
    be happy with that income stream?!

    Bottom line, this model is working. Congrats to Stan and Jason and the
    rest of the admin team on a job well done.


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    June 29, 2012

    Greetings Everyone,

    I just received this message from my sponsor.....

    Subject: Golden Path is Back Up

    I just got on the website. I was paid $120 today. I'm excited. Most of you will be in profit as well. Even though the website was down we were still making money. I'm sure there will be an email out soon giving us an update. May I be the first to say hooray!


    There has been a nice boost to my account as well and I expect the same holds true for everyone else. More importantly, now that the member accounts are growing, there should be lots of new subscriptions being purchased. I just purchased 5 more myself and I will continue to purchase them regularly.

    272660 Jun 29 2012 21:03 Jun 30 2012 21:03
    272661 Jun 29 2012 21:03 Jun 30 2012 21:03
    272662 Jun 29 2012 21:03 Jun 30 2012 21:03
    272663 Jun 29 2012 21:03 Jun 30 2012 21:03
    272665 Jun 29 2012 21:03 Jun 30 2012 21:03

    Keep an eye on the subscription ID numbers as they are the best indicator of matrix growth.

    Have a great weekend everyone,


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    Final TGP Payout ID # 28803
    Date and Time = 30 Nov 2012 @21:15 PM
    Transfer from oneworldbiz
    Transaction ID =273380002
    Fees (Charged to Recipient) = 0.70
    Net Amount = 29.3 SolidTrustPay 50% initial deposit

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