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How it Works
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If you have been looking for a powerful method on how to make money online, then you have finally found the right website. We use an unique method to give you a maximum return in the shortest amount of time. It has been designed so:

* you don't have to sell products,
* you don't have to build a MLM network,
* you don't have to read email ads,
* you don't have to have to make your own website,
* you don't have to learn how adsense works,
* you don't have to try out company products or trials etc.

As a side benefit, we give you full control over your money at all times. There are no monthly fees, and you are free to withdraw any amount at any time.

We are a South-African based company, but we welcome clients from anywhere in the world.
How it works

Below is a basic table symbolising 10 users with various amounts of money invested in the program.
Rank Username Money
1 Foxy $100.80
2 Catherine $50.40
3 Mel $250.30
4 Freska $980.90
5 Molly $20.00
6 Hotrod $740.00
7 Justin $2100.10
8 Allyson $130.70
9 Eben $4370.20
10 Marge $330.40
Amount of times cycled: 0 / 70

When any user buys a position ($10), the entire table cycles 70 times. The top user gets awarded $0.10 and is then moved down to the bottom of the table - this happens 70 times. See an example of what happens by clicking on 'Cycle Now!' and notice the positions of the users and their money. Also take note that you have to click the 'Cycle Now!' button 70 times to see the full effect of just one user buying one position. Here is the process explained in more detail:

1. Since Foxy is at rank 1, she makes $0.10 profit and is then moved down to rank 10 again. Cycle #1 of 70.
2. Catherine is at rank 2, so after Foxy moved down to rank 10, Catherine is now at rank 1. She makes $0.10 proft and is moved down to rank 10. Cycle #2 of 70.
3. Mel is at rank 3, so after Catherine moved down to rank 10, Mel is now at rank 1. He makes $0.10 proft and is moved down to rank 10. Cycle #3 of 70.
4. The process repeats for each and every user, doesn't matter who makes a payment.

Please take note that the above situation only takes into account that each user has 1 position worth $10. In the situation where a user has x amount of positions, then imagine for example the username Foxy repeating x amount of times in the above table.
Why it works

As you can see from the example above, one person buying one position makes a significant difference to everyone's balance. $0.10 doesn't sound like much, but combined with an active community of over 25,000 users you will soon see those 10 cents piling up quite quickly.

Also, most users don't just have 1 position as in the example above. The majority have hundreds of positions meaning that after a few hours they have enough money to buy even more positions, creating an exponential increase in their money and thus causing exponentionally faster cycling times.

The minimum amount of positions you need to get started is 1 which amounts to $10. Most people are willing to take the chance knowing that they can withdraw that amount again after a few hours and then still have some money in their accounts to keep on growing.
Even More Incentive

Once you have registered, you will have access to our members area which will give you access to some useful tools to make even more money.
Affiliate Links

You will be given your own affiliate link i.e. http://www.moneymake.co.za/user.php?id=username. When someone clicks on your link and registers through the site, you will be given $2.00 every time that user buys a position. There are no limits to the amount of people you can refer.

You can post your link on websites, email your link to all your friends and ask them to join, put your link on flyers, put your link on a CD with some media and distribute it at schools, churches, shopping malls etc.
Newsletter Suite

You will be given your own newsletter suite from the admin panel which will allow you to create powerful emails to anyone in your contact list. You can use this tool to send your affiliate link to anyone you wish. We will mask your identity so that no-one has to know you sent the email to them.
Getting Started

Follow these easy steps to get started:

1. Register

You can click here to register. Registration is quick and free.
2. Create an AlertPay account

AlertPay is the safest and cheapest way of accepting and sending money transfers internationally. Singing up for an account is free. Click here to open an AlertPay account.
3. Buy your first position(s)

Log into your account by using the Member Login box in the left sidebar. In your profile, you will see a button to "Buy Positions". Click on it and you will be given further details.
4. Have Fun!

Once your payment has been accepted you can sit back and relax and see how fast your profits grow.

Your positions will never expire, and you don't have to do anything to keep it cycling. When you have made enough profit, simply click on the "Withdraw Money" button in your profile and we will deposit your money into your AlertPay account within 3 working days. From your AlertPay account you can then then withdraw it into any bank account of your choice.

For more information, visit

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