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Advertising with a Twist!
Diverse traffic with our Family of sites.

Up to 50% cash rebates.
We get results (see Reviews.)
We bring more targeted eyeballs to your ad.
Affiliate Network contributes to viral traffic.
Test it out - Join Free and get 5000 points.

General FAQ's RevenueMagic

Q. What is RevenueMagic?

A. We are an Advertising Community and Membership Portal.

Q. What are the benefits of joining RevenueMagic?

Affiliate Benefits:
5000 free ad points
Direct Referral Commissions
Matching Bonus Commissions
Promotional Tools, Banners, Letters, Splash pages
Direct referral contact system
Customizable* Affiliate Builder & Customizable Traffic Builder
Exclusive Members Only Forum Access
Lifetime/5 iNeedStats.com professional ad trackers
Use iNeedStats.com as a referral option for Revenue Magic
Earn Advertising Points through many exchange options including Banner, Text, Exit/Pop-in exchanges
Internal View Ads for Advertising Points System
Hit Tracker
Unlimited URL rotator
Preferred Advertisers:
All Free member benefits
Constant Marketing System*
Higher Matching Bonus Commissions
Lifetime/Unlimited iNeedStats.com professional ad trackers
Discounts on valuable products/services
and more...

*Add image, personal message and even a video

Q. Who sees your ads?

A. Lots of people because our ads are on a network of sites. See our Family of sites and our Partners page.

Q. Who makes your ad point sales?

A. Our affiliates and ourselves. We offer affiliates a way to earn through each sale they personally make as well as sales produced by their team. We have a team sales approach (see next Question for more)

Q. What you mean by a "Team Sales Approach"?

A. By Team we are talking about your sponsor, yourself, your referrals and our CMS system.

Q. What is the “CMS”?

A. The CMS is the Constant Marketing System that is advertising to bring more eyeballs to your ad, which you place on our network.

Q. Can Affiliate Marketers Earn a Strong Income with RevenueMagic?

A. Yes, the income potential for Aggressive Marketers is HUGE because of the Matching Bonuses on many of our ad sales along with the regular commission paid on all sales.

Q. Can Free Members Earn in the RevenueMagic Community?

A. Absolutely! We want to reward everyone who helps us build our Community.

Q. How is RevenueMagic able to pay commissions?

A. Commissions are earned from the sales made by our affiliates and our Constant Marketing System.

Q. Are advertising packages a one time payment?

A. Yes, you can purchase once or over and over again as your advertisings needs arise.

Q. Is there a limit to amount of income and ad points that I can earn?

A. The only limit is your own abilities and that of your team.

Q. Can I continue to earn income on an on-going basis?

A. Yes

Q. How long does it take to earn?

A. There is absolutely no way to tell. It all depends on whether you get help from your team which is composed of your sponsor, yourself, your referrals and the success of the CMS advertising system. Revenue Magic is NOT a money game or get rich quick scheme. RevenueMagic is a unique and innovative advertising platform that can provide you with income AND more advertising points over and over again.

Q. How are commissions paid?

A. Via E-gold, Alert-pay, and Solid-Trust-Pay. We anticipate having a debit card payment functionality to be available in the near future.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, we do through the Google Check Out System.

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