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The Dual Line Compensation Plan...

...is based on the simple two team building concept — a left side team (leg) and a right side team (leg). Since there are just two teams to build, this creates excitement as new Members join, one after the other, down team lines, helping more people benefit from the volume and creating greater leverage within the plan. This allows you the opportunity to earn commissions not only on your personal sales but also the sales made by other people that fall under you — no matter who makes the sale, even if they're placed under you by your upline!

When you enroll as a Member and place an Autoship order for at least one Vemma Nutrition Program you will receive access to your back office and a free marketing website. All enrolling is done through this marketing website. You will automatically be placed in one of your Enroller's two teams. Then, you can concentrate on inviting people to visit your site and begin building both of your teams. As soon as you qualify your business by enrolling at least one active member on each of your left and right sides, you are then eligible to earn Team Building income.

Best yet, the Vemma® Compensation Plan pays out a true 50% of the Commissionable Volume (CV) weekly, so you have the opportunity to get paid every week! Your monthly Autoship order will activate your membership for four (4) weeks including the volume week in which the order is placed, plus a one-week grace period.

Vemma features two ways to earn!

* Team Building Income
* Global Bonus Pools

Team Building Income

The Team Bonus
Qualifications: Active with 120 Qualifying Volume (QV), qualified (two personally-enrolled active Members, one in each leg) and two additional active Members anywhere else in their organization (total of four (4) active personally enrolled members required).

Eligible Members who cycle at least once in the four-week rank advancement period will earn the Team Bonus in the amount of the difference between their TOTAL four-week earnings and $60 USD, ensuring $60 USD in earnings every four weeks that they remain qualified.

Instant Sponsor Bonus
Qualifications: Member status who has at least a 60 QV purchase in their account history.
For the first sale only, the immediate upline Sponsor will receive a $4 USD Instant Sponsor Bonus (ISB) on the first purchase by a Member placed below them on the left or right side. Subsequent orders will be paid out in the existing Cycle Bonus. Neither activation nor qualification is required for this bonus; however a Member needs to have purchased an order at some point. This bonus will pay out only once in the lifetime of each Member. The Instant Sponsor Bonus will compress to the next eligible Member in the upline if one of the two following conditions exist:

* The upline is not a Member
* The upline has never ordered

Fast Start Bonus
Qualifications: Active with 60 QV. Members with rank of Platinum and above Active with 120 QV. Eligible Enrollers will receive the Fast Start Bonus on the first order of those Members or Customers whom they personally enrolled. Each first sale will contribute half of the order’s Cycle Credit or half QV and CV.

Fast Start Bonus is subject to Compression. If the Enroller is inactive then the first eligible upline Enroller will receive the Fast Start Bonus.
Vemma or Verve! Pack Purchased Bonus Earned QV / CV Cycle Credit
1-Pack Vemma $10 USD 30 1/2
2-Pack Vemma $20 USD 60 1
4-Pack Vemma $40 USD 120 2
10-Pack Vemma $80 USD 240 4
V2 Fridge Brick® (30-Pack) $10 USD 30 1/2
Vemma Momentum Pack (1 Pack Premix + 15 V2 + 15 Brochures) $15 USD 45 3/4
Vemma Basic Builder Package $60 USD 180 3
Vemma Silver Builder Package $120 USD 240 4
Vemma Ultimate Builder Package $250 USD 360 6
˝-pack Verve! $5 USD 15 1/4
1-pack Verve! $10 USD 30 1/2
2-pack Verve! $20 USD 60 1
Basic Verve! Only Builder Package $60 USD 80 1 1/3
Silver Verve! Only Builder Package $120 USD 110 1 5/6
Ultimate Verve! Only Builder Package $250 USD 250 4 1/6

NOTE: Verve is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe only.

Fast Start Bonus will be paid on the first purchase of any of the Builder Packages regardless of the order history. During the first 90 days, any Builder Pack purchase will pay Fast Start if the account has not already been upgraded to the Ultimate Earning level.

Consistency Bonus
Qualifications: Active with 120 QV
Eligible enrollers will receive a Consistency Bonus of 5% of the CV for each subsequent order for those Members and Customers whom they personally enrolled. Any Consistency Bonus that is generated, but not eligible for, will be added to the weekly cycle value amount.
Vemma Nutrition Program Purchased Consistency Bonus QV / CV
1-Pack Vemma $3 USD 60
2-Pack Vemma $6 USD 120
4-Pack Vemma $12 USD 240
10-Pack Vemma $18 USD* 420
V2 Fridge Brick (30-Pack) $3 USD 60
Vemma Momentum Pack (1 Premix + 15 V2 + 15 Trifold Brochures) $4.50 USD 90
˝-pack Verve! $1.50 USD 30
1-pack Verve! $3 USD 60
2-pack Verve! $6 USD 120
Vemma Basic Builder Package $15 USD 300
Vemma Silver Builder Package $24.50 USD 490
Vemma Ultimate Builder Package $43 USD 860
Basic Verve! Only Builder Package $10 USD 200
Silver Verve! Only Builder Package $17.50 USD 350
Ultimate Verve! Only Builder Package $37.50 USD 750

*The Consistency Bonus amount does not total 5% on this item in order to allow seven cycle credits.
NOTE: Verve is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe only.
Cycle Bonus
Qualifications: Active with 120 QV and Qualified (two personally-enrolled activedownline Members, one in each leg).
At the end of each volume period (week), Vemma searches down your left and right teams (legs) and whenever three sales (180 QV) in one leg and six sales (360 QV) in the opposite teams occur (sides can switch back and forth), Members are eligible to earn a Cycle Bonus of approximately $22 - $26 USD.

In order to calculate the highest possible cycle value payout, Vemma will set aside 46% of the commissionable volume (CV) to the cycle value each week. The weekly cycle value will be determined each week based upon total sales.

Presidential or above Members are required to maintain a specific personally enrolled downline structure to receive 100% of their cycle earnings. Please refer to the Rank Advancement section for structure requirements and timeline details.

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