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From: Kieron Garvey
Re: Creating a Monthly Recurring Income Selling Information Products...

Dear Fellow Internet Wealth Seeker ,

How would you like to be able to tap into every known niche in double quick time? No waiting for the month to end, and with the products and tools for you to create your own Instant Online Businesses!

For the past eleven months, I've spent countless hours and thousands of dollars researching, interviewing, testing and perfecting a system that is uniquely different than anything you've ever witnessed.

To be perfectly honest, no man should have to deal with the agony that comes from extracting a complete "brain dump" of information and resources... but that's what I endured - literally - to come up with a package even a complete "newbie" could use to build an online income that pulls in a hefty profit so quickly!

One of the beauties of using The E-Z-M Program to sell Information Products is obviously making the sale instantly rather than having to wait for someone else to pay you your affiliate checks.

Commissions, ... and More Commissions!
Yep, There is a lot to be had! Allow me to explain...

Product: The E-Z-M Membership Program

Pays 50% Commissions on recurring $19.97 payments.

A Word on How Commissions are Structured

Commissions work a little differently than you may be used to. Instead of receiving x% of each sale, you will receive 100% commissions on 50% of your sales.

This works out to the same amount, but allows you to be paid for your sales immediately into your Paypal account. This also means you only have to make just 2 sales inorder to recieve The E-Z-M Membership Program for FREE

Here's an example:

Front End Sale

Affiliate's Commission

Sale #1


Sale #2


Sale #3


Sale #4


Payment of Commissions:

Commissions are delivered straight to your PayPal account, The E-Z-M Membership Program's Affiliate system has been specifically designed to do this. Your Affiliate ID is your Paypal email address or the "Nickname" that you choose during sign-up. NO Waiting for monthly or bi-monthly payments.

The Biggest Secret To Making Money On The Internet is to
"Take Action"

Will You Finally Take Action?

Or will you let yet another incredible opportunity pass you by?
And Here Are Even More Reasons
Why You Should Be Selling Info Products...

You can spawn more than one cash points of your choice from your own Info Products.

You can also offer your products in your own paid membership site or as a bonus to another products you are selling,

And so much more! Your imagination is the limit.

All in all, owning your own Info Product or line of Info Products is one of the best choices you can ever make in your Information Marketing career.
But There's A Problem...

... and it's called product development or product creation.

However, believe me: selling Info Products is too lucrative to be passed on just because of this barrier.

So let's evaluate your best option possible:

Solution #1: Write Your Own E-Book(s)

Often times, creating your own Info Product demands a lot of writing skill, expertise, niche marketing research, and incredible knowledge on your part.

And if you don't have any flair or time for writing or you absolutely hate it, you will do well to leave this option out.

Solution #2: Hire A Ghostwriter

Some call this the "secret weapon" of gurus. Engaging ghostwriters can be one of your best choices... only if you can afford it.

And if you don't have at least a few hundred dollars to trust someone else to do the writing for you, you will have to leave this option out, too.

Solution #3: Purchase Products With Resell Rights

This can be a good and fast way to have instant products to resell and pocket 100% of the profits.

In other words, you can only do so much with the product without selling it on your WebSite.

The downside, however, is that you might not be able to create your own WebSite.

For more information, visit

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