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The "US Dollar" is steadily losing it's worth!
PROTECT yourself, and YOUR family
by Investing in SILVER, Today!

As of Aug 2008, the "broad dollar index" is
priced around "86"...AND, many experts
are predicting the "dollar" will one day

There has never been a MORE IMPORTANT time for YOU,
to start investing in silver, for YOUR future!

Why is SILVER important for you, and your family?
Watch the SHOCKING video below to find out!


This program is VERY SIMPLE...It is based on a VERY QUICK 2 x 2 "Forced Matrix" (look at the chart below)!

A '2 x 2' is the QUICKEST moving matrix that there is!
This can be filled through YOUR efforts, OR Your Sponsors efforts!

ONCE your 2 x 2 is filled, YOU will receive REAL MONEY
(.999 PURE SILVER), delivered right to your front door!....OR, you may
choose to have $25 paid to your alertpay account.

USA Residents can receive a Genuine American Eagle Silver Coin:
(1 oz of .999 Pure Silver), spot value of over $20 (March 2008).
Many experts are predicting Silver to be over $100 per ounce!

USA residents can choose to receive the Coin, or $25 to their alertpay account.

Residents of ALL other countries will receive $25 paid to their alertpay account!
We can NOT guarantee safe delivery of Silver Coins outside the United States. The US Postal Service requires ALL packages being mailed outside the USA, to be clearly labeled with the package contents! Meaning the chance of theft is too high!


Once your 2 x 2 is filled, you will AUTOMATICALLY recycle, with a FREE position in YOUR 2 x 2 matrix, to help continue growth! AND, the people on YOUR Level 1 and Level 2, will ALWAYS follow you...Helping to create multiple FREE Silver Coins/Bars!

You will receive a FREE website (just like this one), to help with your promotion efforts!

ONLY a ONE-TIME Fee of ONLY $19. You never have to pay anything, ever again! So, YES...Everytime you cycle YOU will receive another FREE Silver coin, or Another $25 paymnet to your alertpay account...YOU CAN'T LOSE!

With this 2 x 2 Quick Matrix program, the time to start insuring YOUR future is NOW! Timing is EVERYTHING, and the Time to start investing in silver, is RIGHT NOW!

For more information, visit
Investing in Silver - TheTruthAboutSilver.com

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