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Slash the cost of your future vacations. . . Samples
Qualify for generous cash rewards
Create life changing income streams
Qualify for 5 star retreats in exotic locations
Capitalize on the fastest growing industry - travel!
What is the product or service that Holidays and Cash is selling?

The product is called a Privilege Pack. The privilege pack provides a range of benefits and privileges exclusive to members of our club, Holidays and Cash. These include:

* Online travel portal searching for travel deals around the globe
* Searches 100,000s of hotels & resorts for best online deals
* Saves you time and money
* HOT deals posted in a your own personal members only area
* A resource centre packed full of valuable travel information
* A virtual eWallet account allowing you to transfer money internationally to other members very inexpensively
* Access to purchasing fully features international MasterCard Debit Card for only $30 USD
* Team of professionals committed to search for more benefits for members!

What makes your online travel portal different to other portals?

Our portal searches through 20 or more of the largest online search engines for hotel and resort accommodation to find the best available rate. This saves you time and effort sifting through dozens of portals trying to work out who offers the cheapest price plus you get access to over 100,000�s of hotels and resorts globally from budget up to luxury 5 star properties and spa resorts.

Is the Privilege Pack only based on travel benefits?

Initially the focus will be on travel benefits however we have a team of professionals putting together a wide range on extra benefits and privileges all the time which we will announce as they are finalised.

Are the Privilege Pack benefits only available to the purchaser?

The benefits are available to the purchaser, their spouse and children under the age of 18.

Is the purchase of a Privilege Pack a once off or an annual purchase?

The benefits of the Privilege Pack are available for one year from the date of purchase. To continue to receive the benefits after the expiry date the member will need to renew their purchase.

What is the cost of a Privilege Pack?

The cost is $240 USD plus any additional fees associated with processing the payment. This includes credit card processing fees, bank wire fees, agent fees and other fees charged by third parties used to process payment for Privilege Packs.

What payment methods are accepted?

* AlertPay
* Credit Card
* ewallet
* Pre-Paid Voucher

Is it compulsory to market Holidays and Cash to other people?

No. Promoting of Holidays and Cash is optional.

Is every member entered into the Rewards Program?

Yes. However you will not earn any rewards if you do not meet the minimum qualification requirements.

Does Holidays and Cash do any traditional marketing like **********, radio or print media?

No. Holidays and Cash chose to use a referral based marketing program where members are rewarded for marketing and creating sales of Privilege Packs.

How much of the sales revenue is paid out through the Rewards Program?

60% of the sales revenue is paid into the Rewards Program

How does Holidays and Cash track the sales I make and the sales of my team I can develop?

Each member creates their own unique username which is used to identify that member and to create their unique website address. When a person chooses to become a member and purchase a Privilege Pack they go to the website of the member to complete the online application and make payment. Our sophisticated software tracks each sale and displays your team structure, sales and rewards payments in each members personal secure back office area accessible through a personal log in each member creates.

What is a Business Centre (BC)?

A BC is the term given to the position you are given in the company genealogy which connects each member to the member who introduced them. Each member is allocated 3 BCs each able to earn rewards from their personal sales and team sales.

Why am I given 3 BCs?

Members are given BC2 and BC3 to enable them to generate additional rewards from the team sales created by BC1 once they meet a certain qualification. It is a reward for members who demonstrate leadership.

Do I have to pay for BC2 and BC3?

No. These two BCs are included with your purchase of a Privilege Pack.

Holidays and Cash uses a Binary type program to structure its member genealogy. What is a binary?

A binary structure means that each member develops 2 sales teams. Each Business Centre (BC) only has 2 positions under it where new members can be placed in the team structure. Once the 2 positions under a BC have been filled the software searches for the next vacant position under a BC further down in the line of introduction.

CLICK HERE to download a PowerPoint explaining how a Binary Rewards Plan works

How does the software choose where the new member is placed?

Each member can choose their personal settings in their own back office to allocate where the next member will be placed and which BC will be nominated as the introducing BC.

What choices does a member have for selecting where a member is placed?

The member can choose the following for each BC. . .

* Outside Left
* Outside Right
* Weakest Leg (which team side has least sales volume)
* Or nominate a specific Member ID in your team to build under

What is the minimum requirement to qualify for team sales payments?

To activate a BC so it can qualify for any rewards payments that BC must personally introduce two sales of a Privilege Pack. You must place one sale in your Left Team and one sale in your Right team

Does every sale in my team count towards my team sales payments?

Our software searches for every sale in your entire team to calculate team sales

How many team sales do I need to have to get paid rewards?

When team sales reach a total of 9 sales with 3 sales in one team and 6 in the other team you will be paid a CYCLE payment based on the cycle value for that pay week.

What is the cycle value for 9 sales in your team?

The cycle value will vary each week. $120 USD from each Privilege Pack sale is allocated towards cycle payments. The cycle value is based on the funds allocated for cycle payments in a pay week divided by the number of cycles created that pay week.

Do team sales that spill over from members above me in the line of introduction count towards my cycle payments?

Yes. Any team sales and appear in your genealogy will be used towards calculating cycle payments.

What happens to team sales that are left over after team sales (cycle payments) have been calculated in a pay week?

When the software calculates team sales of 9 sales per cycle with a 1/3 : 2/3 balance there will be a number of sales left over in each leg once the groups of 9 sales are calculated. These left over sales will be rolled over to the next pay week and can be used for calculations in the future until they are used to create a cycle payment.

Why do I have to be a GOLD Qualified Member and reach $3,000 weekly earnings before I can activate BC2 and BC3?

This qualification was put in place to ensure that people focus on creating one successful BC first ensuring they also created spill over of members under others in their team which creates momentum. It also ensures that a member has demonstrated they have the capacity to build a successful team before they start building new teams where there will be no spill over from members above them.

What is a matching bonus?

A matching bonus means that you can qualify to earn 10-20% of the amount of team cycle payments earned by any member personally introduced. Matching bonuses are only paid on CYCLE payments!

When do I get paid my rewards?

Rewards are paid with 14 days after the end of the pay week you earned the rewards.

How do I receive the rewards?

Rewards are paid to your personal eWallet you create when you become a member of Holidays and Cash.

How do I access the rewards in my eWallet?

Rewards can be drawn down by wire transfer to any bank account you nominate or you can transfer it to the MasterCard Debit Card available through Holidays and Cash.

Why do I have to send in KYC (know your customer) documents before I receive my rewards?

This is a security and legal requirement to ensure each member is a real person and is entitled to receive the rewards.

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